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Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Sep. 10, 2017 2 years ago

11 AM Sunday, Sept. 10 UPDATE

There is still room at shelters in Volusia County.
by: Jacque Estes Community Editor

Shelters, transportation
· There is still room at shelters in Volusia County. Shelter locations
are posted at

· Votran is not running its normal routes Sunday and Monday.
· Votran has limited capability to take people to shelters this
morning. Service is upon request and based on weather conditions. Call
Votran at 386-761-7700386-943-7033 or 386-424-6800.
· About 4,200 people stayed in shelters overnight in Volusia County.
That includes law enforcement, shelter staff, and caregivers and family
members for those with special needs.
· Oxygen-dependent residents going to a special needs shelter, should
bring their own oxygen.
· Heritage Middle School is a special needs shelter and has no more
capacity for those who are oxygen dependent or need electricity.

Safety during and after the storm
· Stay inside today and through the storm. We expect conditions to
improve by Monday afternoon.
· People should not walk on the beach or go in the ocean today and in
the coming days. Beach officials are flying the double-red flag. After
the storm, please wait for an announcement that it is safe to visit the
beach. There may be debris in the water and along the shore
· Volusia County beaches are closed to vehicular access.
· Watch out for debris and downed power lines. Power lines may look
"dead" but could be energized.
· Avoid walking or driving through flood waters. Just six inches of
moving water can knock you down, and one foot of fast-moving water can
sweep your vehicle away.
· Avoid flood water as it may be electrically charged from underground
or downed power lines and may hide dangerous debris or places where the
ground is washed away.
· Anyone affected by a storm should follow safe practices related to
generators, grills, camp stoves and other gasoline, propane, natural gas
and charcoal-burning devices. These devices should never be used inside
a home, basement, garage or camper – or even outside near an open
window or window air conditioner·
· Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, poisonous gas that can
cause sudden illness and death if present in sufficient concentration in
the air. During a significant power outage, persons using generators and
gasoline-powered engine tools might be exposed to toxic carbon monoxide
levels if the fuel or power sources are placed inside or too close to
the exterior of the building.
· If using a generator, follow the directions supplied with the
generator. Do not use portable generators indoors, including inside a

· The time for the countywide curfew is from 9 p.m. Sunday through noon
Monday, depending on weather and road conditions.

Bridges to the beachside
· The bridges to the beachside will close in both directions when there
are sustained winds of 39 miles per hour.

· If you have trash containers outside, bring them inside and secure

Citizen Information Center
· The Citizens Information Center is available for people to call with
questions or concerns. The number is 866-345-0345.

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