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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Jun. 21, 2021 2 months ago

2 letters: Restore 56 N. Beach St.

Also, sisters thank Ormond Beach first responders for trying to save their mother's life.
by: Guest Writer

Recognition of Ormond Beach first responders

Dear Editor:

Our mother died, but it wasn’t for the lack of trying to keep her alive on the part of the police, EMTs and firemen from the city of Ormond Beach. Nor was it a lack of trying by our mother’s neighbor, who raced up the street to help her, not knowing what circumstance she would find herself in. This is important because we are three cherished daughters of this beautiful woman, our mother, who were living long distance in West Virginia during these tense moments.

Unfortunately, it was simply too late for mom and in that moment we were filled with such a profound sense of loss. But those feelings have changed since rushing down to Ormond Beach and our hearts are now filled with so much comfort and thankfulness.

This story suddenly shifts and is no longer about our mother. It is about her beautiful neighbor, our angel. It is about the men and women who responded to her home and how they made our angel feel, how they made us feel, and importantly, the dignity and respect they gave our mother.

From the 911 operator guiding mom’s neighbor, to the rescuers who came to help her, we cannot thank you enough. The jobs these men and women perform each shift as they suit up for work should be revered and looked upon with much gratitude, whether you ever need them or not.

The city of Ormond Beach is very lucky. It is a wonderful community and has always been as long as we have known it. It is filled with great neighbors and first responders to protect them. This is a letter to thank all of them and to remind its residents how lucky they are to live here in the city of Ormond Beach.

Thank you again. Much love and safety as you go forward each day. These men and women are our heroes, and they should be yours.

Cathy Nelson, Karen Haught and Jennifer Cooperrider

West Virginia

Don’t Demolish, Restore 56 N. Beach St.

Dear Editor:

Ormond Beach markets our small town as the “Birthplace of Speed.” Its’ downtown, with interconnected sidewalks, open spaces, and restored art deco architecture, transitions from speed to walkability and community spaces. Indeed, architecture plays an important role in the development of that small-town appeal as shown in the photos from around the country.

To the City Commission: Please reconsider the demolition of the midcentury modern church located at 56 N. Beach St. If restored, this classic building, with its angular structure and clean minimalist lines, is capable of giving back to the city more than a parking lot. That is not the highest and best use for the location. Furthermore, in regards to the “speed” in the decision-making process relative to the building’s demolition, delaying it for six months in order to hear the public’s ideas for the building will give you and your constituents the opportunity to share information about the buildings’ future use.

If the square footage and budget is appropriate, we believe this building would make an extraordinary Ormond Beach Welcome Center. Please find an adaptive reuse for this midcentury modern treasure. It deserves to be restored.  

Sheila and Larry Zinkerman

Ormond Beach 

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