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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, May 9, 2022 1 week ago

3 letters: Bicentennial Park's pickleball proposal and dangerous intersections

Also, is it time to replace the grass on Granada's medians with low-maintenance plants?
by: Guest Writer

Bicentennial Park, a hidden gem

Dear Editor:

Yes, this is an amazing complex for those of us living beachside and it has much to offer. There is tennis, basketball, softball, biking, walking, dog parks, bathrooms and parking — plus a wonderful and safe playground for our children. We truly are blessed for this well-maintained recreational jewel.

However, the county is attempting to add pickleball at Bicentennial Park at the expense of taking 25% from the tennis program. We strongly encourage the County Council to construct a pickleball court/s on the unused concrete surface to the west of the wall where there is ample room. There already are two state of the art basketball courts there, which are rarely used so there is absolutely no need to add two more basketball courts. This is a win-win for our taxpayers and a plan that Tim Baylie and the council should adopt — the sooner the better.

Marianne Winfield

Ormond Beach

A dangerous intersection

Dear Editor:

We might have a serious problem at the U.S. 1 exit from Plantation Bay with 18-wheeler trucks running the stop light. 

I was going through the stop light which had been green for several seconds when I was just missed by an 18-wheeler trailer, which was carrying a heavy load of plywood that was running the red light on U.S. 1, traveling at a high speed and blowing his horn the entire way through the intersection. If I didn't slow down to look, basically treating the traffic light like it was stop sign, then I would not be alive today. 

My wife put this incident on the neighbor website for Plantation Bay and we have had over 100 responses of people relating similar near accidents with trucks running that light. I recorded the information off of the truck as it was waiting to get on I-95 south and later called them. The driver told me there is no way to safely stop at that intersection if you are carrying a heavy load and my discussion with the Sheriff's Office in Volusia verified that as well. Just a few weeks ago a tractor trailer was in the ditch at the entrance to Plantation Bay coming from the south side of U.S. 1 and traffic was detoured for hours getting around that accident scene. Maybe the data does not support doing anything with this intersection, but many of us here in Plantation Bay know people who have been killed there over the years.

Charles Michael Sitero

Ormond Beach

Grass on the medians

Dear Editor:

It’s been almost a year since my Letter to the Editor regarding the landscaping of the medians on Granada. A great idea by Commissioner Kent was said during a City Commission meeting to replace the water-needy and costly high-maintenance grass with beautiful and resilient Perennial Peanut or Asiatic Jasmine.

A no-reclaimed water notice issued by the city and seeing water streams all over Granada coming from sprinklers for the St. Augustine grass atop the medians this past week reminded me of that idea. As we’ve all seen in this past year, things aren’t getting any less costly and the water environment isn’t getting any more clean. It’s time to take action.

Joe Hannoush

Ormond Beach

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