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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016 5 years ago

6-year-old wants to collect 1 million socks for the homeless before she graduates high school

Leah Davis wants your help.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

"I was like 'Mommy, Mommy I really want to help people!'" 6-year-old Leah Davis squealed, recalling how her Warming Hearts and Soles Campaign got started. "Can I give them shoes? Can I give them dresses?" 

Eventually Leah and her parents, Beth and Chris Davis, decided on socks because they are one of the most needed items for homeless people — and one of the least frequently donated. 

"When you give away clothes, you think to give shirts or pants," Chris Davis said. "You don't think about your socks.

With the help of her school and community, Leah Davis collected over 1,000 pairs of socks before Christmas. Socks are especially needed in the winter, because homeless people often use them as hand gloves. 

"You could use shoes, but they wouldn't be that comfortable," Leah giggled.  

So far, the Davis team has donated socks to Halifax Urban Ministries, Family Renew and the Foster Kids of Volusia County. They also visited the homeless camp that was recently parked outside the Volusia County’s administration building in Daytona Beach and brought them lunches, drinks and 12 packs of socks each.

When asked about how it feels to donate, Leah just giggles and jumps up and down, unable to contain her excitement. 

"We're pretty proud of her," Beth Davis said. "We're definitely encouraging her. Sometimes she forgets about it, so we keep her going."

And Leah's got big plans for the future. She hopes to get 500 pairs by Easter, and one million by the time she graduates high school. 

"We say socks instead of pairs," Beth Davis laughed. "One million socks is a little more attainable." 

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