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Ormond Beach Observer Friday, Jul. 31, 2015 4 years ago

Accidental landlords

by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

Couple plans to rent out former popular restaurant after remodeling.

Wayne Grant

News Editor

After buying the former Greg’s Liberty Grill, 165 N. Yonge St., Albert and Deanna Cisson were busy cleaning it up with plans to make it headquarters for their marketing company, Progressive Edge. It wasn’t long before they decided they were going in the wrong direction.

As they worked, people would stop and tell them they might be interested in opening a restaurant there. And people they worked with at City Hall also told them it’s a prime restaurant location.

After doing some research, and remembering how popular the Liberty Grill was for 15 years until closing a few years ago, they decided to restore the building and lease it to someone who wants to open a restaurant.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from national franchises but would like to have someone local,” Deanna Cisson said. “There might be someone local who wants to expand.”

While they had not planned on getting into the landlord business, they are now looking forward to it.

“Ormond is such a wonderful area,” she said. “We’re really excited we’re going to add to the community.” They both have lived in Ormond Beach since they were children.

They learned from the FDOT that 30,000 cars pass by the location every day, not including special event periods. The location also has parking and high visibility.

“You can see that sign from Granada,” said Albert Cisson, pointing to the marquee sign by the street.

They were encouraged by the growth of Ormond Beach, especially the new restaurants along State Road 40.

“Businesses are growing like wildflowers,” Deanna Cisson said.

Grants not available

Remodeling plans call for new plumbing, electrical, air ducts, air conditioning system, etc.

“It’s going to be like a new building,” Deanna Cisson said. “It’ll be beautiful. We’re really putting in a lot of effort.”

Whoever leases the building will be able to make further changes to reflect the theme of their restaurant.

But unlike the businesses in the Community Redevelopment Area, which runs along Granada Boulevard, they have not been able to get help with financing the remodeling.

“I’m just crushed that we can’t get a grant,” Deanna Cisson said.

Seeing the possibilities

The most noticeable change is that they are going to add trusses, so the roof will be pitched, rather than flat as it is now. One drawback from the former restaurant, they say, is that it had a low ceiling.

Also, the roof will be extended in back enlarging the space from 3,000 to 3,500 square feet.

They also point to a shaded area on the north side of the building where there could be outdoor dining.

“I can visualize pavers, tiki lights, the ambience,” Deanna Cisson said.

Another benefit for whoever moves into the building is that said they will help with the marketing.

“We want them to succeed,” she said. “We do grass roots marketing. We could distribute samples in the neighborhood.”

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