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Ormond Beach Observer Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016 4 years ago

After 10 years of friendship, four local artists are sharing their collaborative collection 'Outside the Lines' at OMAM

Four local artists share their the growth of their talents — and friendship — at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

Though Karlene McConnell, Melissa Mason, Audrey Phillips and Pat Zalisko all have different styles of painting, their art has come together under the concept of being just "Outside the Lines." 

The collection, which is currently hanging in the Ormond Memorial Art Museum, includes pieces from each of the local artists that are inspired by everything from biofuel projects to horses. After being friends — and occasionally helpful art critics —for 10 years, these ladies have watched each others' work evolve into what it is now a collection of talent.  

"We come together and we take off," said Zalisko at the opening reception Jan. 22. "It's an evolving process; both the friendships and the art." 

Started two years ago, the collection served as a chance for each artist to work from the "Outside the Lines" title within their own individual styles. Though they are all unique, nature seemed to play a big part in each artists' inspiration. 

"I started to think beyond the horizon lines," said Phillips. "It's more of what you sense and feel when you're in that natural environment." 

"I come from a more traditional landscape style," McConnell said, "but I explored more of the negative space between the trees and filled that with abstract markings."

"I noticed this tension between man and nature," said Zalisko, "and the line became something symbolic. I was seeing the effects of man's attempt to manicure nature." 

"I have horses," said Mason. "I've loved them since I was a child. It was an easy subject to start with and I've been exploring it ever since." 

The collection "Outside the Lines" will hang in the museum until Feb. 28. Call 676-3347 for more information. 

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