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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Jun. 6, 2018 1 year ago

Are Jeff Boyle's accusers credible? Are they relevant? Readers respond

Here's what your neighbors are saying about CANDO 2 and Jeff Boyle.
by: Guest Writer

I stand by the women who provided testimony against Boyle

Dear Editor:

Subject article was brought to my attention by a former colleague and friend.  I found it both sad and mildly interesting.  Sad in that Mr. Boyle insists on continuing to victimize his victims, mildly interesting in that Mr. Boyle continues to blame me for his plight, alleging that I coerced three girls into giving testimony against him.  About Meyer, Boyle reportedly said that, "she gave Busse whatever he wanted just to make him go away".  The reality is that by giving me her incriminating testimony, the truth, to which she was sworn, she was agreeing to testify in at least one administrative proceeding, maybe more.   The same applied to the other young ladies.  To "get rid of" me, all they would have had to do was tell me that nothing inappropriate had occurred.  

In 1993, following its own independent investigation, the Florida Department of Education filed an administrative complaint seeking the suspension or revocation of Mr. Boyles' Florida Educator's Certificate.  I suppose Mr. Boyle would have us believe that the state coerced his victims into providing false testimony against his as well?  At no point in either my or the state's investigation of Jeff Boyle were his due process rights violated.  In fact, as I recall, he had very capable legal representation.  I believe he elected, until now it seems, not to contest the allegations.

I stood by the young women who provided testimony in my investigation when I conducted it and I do now.  I also stand by my conclusion.

Duane Busse

Blairsville, Georgia

Attack on Boyle was irrelevant and only distracts from CANDO 2's message

Dear Editor:

In your April 26 edition of the Ormond Beach Observer, an article was printed as a result of data submitted to you anonymously regarding Mr. Jeff Boyle. Being at the forefront of local news, did you not think it prudent to analyze this data and ask yourself, 1) Who would have sent the material? 2) Why would that individual (or individuals) submit this material? 3) Is that material even pertinent to current events?  

The aforementioned article was not a journalistic masterpiece. It cannot even be considered reporting. The only things that it accomplished was 1) A lame attempt to cast a shadow over the efforts of CANDO 2, and 2) A feeble and underhanded attempt to discredit Jeff Boyle (who was only the spokesperson for CANDO 2). He is not running for mayor or commissioner. 

What was printed was old news and not pertinent to the topic at hand: educating concerned Ormond Beach citizens of the self-serving decisions made by the five blind mice. These decisions (affecting our topography, future traffic flow, zoning changes, among others) will have negative effects in the short term, but more so in the long term. 

I made reference to our leaders as the five blind mice as it appears that, based on their unpopular decisions over the past 16-18 months (going back to the New Britain Avenue debacle), they lack the visionary expertise to guide this city in a manner that benefits the population. Sadly, the history of detrimental decision-making extends years before the fab five began their reign. 

But, that being said, it did not give the current administration free rein to ignore the pleas of the public and take advantage of their authoritative positions.

CANDO 2 has submitted a list of requests and recommendations to the mayor and commissioners. This information was requested as early as March 2018. To date, these requests have been ignored. As a refresher, I will list a sampling of the requests from CANDO 2 to the City Commission:

  • Restore the wetlands (and other development) rules
  • Institute a commercial development moratorium
  • Implement low-impact development standards
  • Have more diversity balance on the Planning Board
  • Reinstall the Environmental Advisory Board
  • Review the Community Redevelopment Agency process
  • Ensure that all five members of the commission will listen to and respect the concerns of citizens

Jeff Boyle did nothing wrong by becoming the spokesperson for CANDO 2. CANDO 2 is a good cause for the betterment of this great city! But, somebody (or individuals) within our community is (are) dead set against a different course of action for the commission as put forth by the concerned citizens of Ormond Beach. And, finally, the anonymity of the person(s) that submitted the smear campaign in the April 26 Ormond Beach Observer is, well, not so anonymous!

Ed Kolaska

Ormond Beach

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