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Battle of the seas: Mainland welcomes district leaders Matanzas for homecoming
Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 4 years ago

Battle of the seas: Mainland welcomes district leaders Matanzas for homecoming

by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor


MATNZAS #10 in state 6A                               MAINLAND #3 in state 6A

2005                                                                      1872

Founded                                                                Founded

6-0                                                                        6-1

Record                                                                  Record

0                                                                            1

State championships                                             State championships

0                                                                            8

State semifinalists                                                 State semifinalists

0                                                                            20

District championships                                         District championships

0                                                                            22

Playoff appearances                                              Playoff appearances

0                                                                            23

Winning seasons                                                   Winning seasons

Defense                                                                 Offense

Strength                                                                 Strength

Pass game                                                             Penalties

Weakness                                                              Weakness

QB Mackenzy Wagner                                       QB Denzel Houston

Key player                                                             Key player

Mainland’s homecoming game will be no run-of-mill contest, welcoming undefeated Matanzas.

No one’s surprised the Bucs only loss has come from a national powerhouse, but everyone should be astonished at Matanzas’ unimaginable, historic run. For the first time in its program’s history, Matanzas not only has a winning record, but the Pirates have yet to lose. When this game was placed on the schedule before the season began, there were comments on social media about the Bucs potentially scoring 100 points against Matanzas, if they chose to. Well, that probably won’t be the case.

Friday’s homecoming game has much significance for both parties involved. In regards to Mainland, the Buccaneers haven’t lost two games in a row since 2012, and they haven’t lost a regular season game at Municipal Stadium since 2010. They will also overtake Matanzas, who currently sits at the top of District 13-6A.

For the Pirates, this will instantly be the biggest win in any sport in their history, even bigger than their first win against their crosstown rival, Flagler Palm Coast, earlier this season. No one will be able to call their run a fluke, and their undefeated streak will continue. For both the Bucs and Pirates, a win would most certainly mean the district championship.

“They are definitely a quality team, and we are excited to prepare for and play this great team,” coach Scott Wilson said. “It makes it a lot more interesting when you play a game with so much meaning and so many implications. They are well-coached and have had two weeks to prepare. They will be ready for sure. Our kids are always ready for a challenge and they want this game bad! It’s a district game against an undefeated team, and Matanzas is the No. 1 district team.”

The game will be played Friday, Oct. 16, at Municipal Stadium.

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