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Ormond Beach Observer Friday, Dec. 21, 2012 7 years ago

BEST ADVICE: Dave Grabner


We asked residents of Ormond Beach about the best advice they'd ever received. Here is one of their responses.

Dave Grabner, Villari's Martial Arts

Best advice: Train in the arts for personal growth.

I started the martial arts as a child and plan to continue the journey for years to come. Although still a student, I was fortunate to receive the promotion to instructor, then to chief instructor and finally to a studio owner and operator. At that time, I received great advice from my mentor as a new business owner.

“Train in the arts for your own personal growth, teach with passion and live by the characters of the arts and success will come,” I was told. This one line guided me through many years of service to my community.

As a child, I was impressionable, and it was my karate instructor that led me to become the person I am today. It’s my mission to use my abilities to instill important tools and skills children need to grow up confident and capable – to face life with courage and strength. If I do this for one child, it’s my “thank you” to (my mentor). Doing so on the level of my community is how I gauge success.

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