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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012 8 years ago

BEST ADVICE: Kathleen Moore


We asked residents of Ormond Beach about the best advice they'd ever received. Here is one of their responses.

Kathleen Moore, health coach

Best advice: Life is grim, but not necessarily serious.

The phrase or advice that has stuck with me for many years came to me when I was working at Shands Teaching Hospital, as the Bone Marrow Transplant Social Worker.

I had been given a book of poems, written by Ted Rosenthal, by one of the patients. He was a young man undergoing treatment for acute myologenous leukemia.

Throughout the trials and challenges of his treatment, and impending death, he said, “Life is grim, but not necessarily serious.” He refused to let the awfulness of his situation diminish his perspective on life.

Since that time, I have had been honored to work with many individuals who have had experienced life’s biggest tragedies. While there has been little to laugh at, the ones who could, at some point, tap into a wry or humorous take on life seemed to weather the storms more easily.

I have used this perspective in my counseling, managerial work and now in health coaching. Yes, life can be really, really tough, but not necessarily serious.

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