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Ormond Beach Observer Saturday, May 3, 2014 5 years ago

BIG KID NOW: The struggle of the Mother's Day gift

by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

Take it from me, Mom doesn’t want poorly made crafts when you’re no longer five. 

I don’t know about you, but Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me.

Whether it’s my lack of Google Calendar reminders or just my tendency to not pay attention, I’m always struggling to come up with a meaningful, unique gift in less than 24 hours. Unfortunately for my poor mother, I’m not the only one to wait till the last minute.

Last year she got her a yellow, gnome-shaped candle from my brother and an “I love my wife” mug courtesy of a nearby 7-11 from my father. The Blackwood’s might be a family of procrastinators but at least we’re never boring.

Though I may wait till the last minute, I really don’t have much direction to go on. Like most moms, mine never spells out specifically what it is she wants. Now there’s the usual flowers, chocolates and breakfast in bed, but that’s all already been covered. And it seems a little unfair to the woman gave me life for me to just repeat last years gifts.

I’ve gotten creative before, making her a plate with one of her many witty quotes displayed on it and a set of office supplies made out of dominos when she was going through her domino phase. They were cute, but I was also in school when I made them. My crafting skills haven’t necessarily improved since I graduated and for some reason I don’t think she’ll appreciate macaroni art from her 21-year-old daughter.

So, with the clock ticking I scanned my brain and old texts from my mom to figure out what it is she really wants. Jewelry is out because I’ve only ever seen her wear one necklace and she has a habit of giving them back to me for Christmas (we’re also a family of Indian givers). A designer purse would be perfect if I had an extra $200 bucks laying around. I considered cleaning the house but lets face it, no one cleans it better then she does.

Another factor working against me is that I will not be present this Mother’s Day and neither will my brother. I haven’t figured out if she considers this a present or something she’ll store later for a fight down the road. I’ll be in Portland, Oregon on a mini vacation with my friend Danielle. I could send her something from that weird little town but I don’t want to count on it and only find a touristy t-shirt.

I’ve tried to convince her to let me throw a Mother’s Day brunch early, a few days before I leave but she convinced me how I can barely put together an outfit let alone a brunch.

I love my mom and I want her to have a Mother’s Day that she deserves for putting up with all my messy rooms, makeup drawer robberies and tantrums from messing up my nail polish. But let’s be real, no hand crafted present or edible arrangement could ever sum up the appreciation I have for Audrey Blackwood.

I love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.

(Hopefully you’ll consider this your present and I won’t have to make a quick stop at Walmart for a magnet with your name on it.)

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