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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020 5 months ago

Bones brought into Ormond Beach police belonged to wild boar

This week in Cops Corner...
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

Jan. 2

Huffing evidence

9:30 a.m. — First block of North Nova Road

Inhaling harmful chemicals. Police arrested a 43-year-old Daytona Beach woman who was found hiding in the bushes in front of a local sandwich shop. The woman, police report, had a small aerosol hair color spray can close to her mouth, and another aerosol can between her legs. 

When the reporting officer approached her, she noticed that the woman had a "silver substance" coming from her mouth, as well as on her hands. Police also found 10 air duster cans around her, and all were empty save for the one between her legs, according to the report. 

The woman denied inhaling the chemical substances, saying she was trying to spray her hair with the silver can. However, she couldn't explain why the silver substance was on her face, mouth and hands, police report. The reporting officer asked her what she had been doing in the bushes, and the woman said she had been putting on a tampon. 

The woman was taken to jail.

Jan. 3

Throw me a bone

9:30 a.m. — 300 block of McIntosh Road

Suspicious incident. What would be your first inclination if you found small bones in your yard? For one Ormond Beach resident, it was bringing the bones to the Police Department. 

Police report that the man found a hip and joint bone section hanging from his shed's roof rafters and brought them to the station in a plastic bag to be examined. Officers couldn't identify the bone's origin, as they were free of flesh or visible skin tissue, so they sent them to the medical examiner's office, which determined that the bones were not human. The bones were either from a wild boar or deer, according to the police.

The reporting officer called the resident and told him the findings. Police report the man then said his neighbor barbecues pig and hog and felt the bone may have come from there. 

The case was then closed.

Jan. 15


5:37 a.m. — 1500 block of North U.S. 1

Suspicious incident. Following some roommate disputes over the air conditioner and refrigerator at a local assisted living facility, a 71-year-old woman called police to notify she had received a threatening letter, which she believed was written by her roommate's daughter.

The letter, according to the police report, warned the woman that spy cameras may be installed in her room to protect her roommate, as well as speakers the size of a penny. "Sincerely! Watch out," the letter concluded. 

Police contacted the assisted living facility, who told the reporting officer the incident was being investigated by the facility, and that it would be taken care of. Police were also advised that the woman would be moved to another room immediately. 

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