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Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 3 years ago

Businessman starts project to help students find jobs

Many benefits are seen for the community.
by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

Dwight Selby, local commercial realtor, read an article a couple of years ago about how hard it was for students to find a summer job.

“That hit me as terrible,” he said recently. “I remember the money I made in the summers during my high school and college years helped me to pay for my college education.”

And on the other side, companies sometimes don’t find the temporary help they need in the summer. Small companies don’t have a human resources department to conduct a search, and some companies wait until summer to advertise positions, which can be too late.

“Our most important resource is our young people.”

Dwight Selby, Selby Realty Inc.

Selby now has started an initiative to solve the problem for both the job seeker and the companies. He is currently seeking sponsors to develop a website where companies will register their openings, and job seekers can post their resumes. An “online job bank,” it will help employers and students find each other.

The project, called “Take This Job and Work It,” is sponsored by the Ormond Beach Community Foundation, with assistance by the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Rick Fraser, executive director of the chamber, said the chamber will reach out to the business community to get them involved and then work with the schools.

“My career has been in human resources and I know how important it is to get kids involved early and develop a work ethic early,” he said.

Selby said he’s had a good response from the community and has set a goal of 100 jobs this summer. He would like to hear from companies that will have job openings.

“This is a small step, but can be the beginning of a long-term impact,” Selby said.


Students get work experience


He sees a lot of potential benefits for the student-workers and employers.

The students will have a reference when they eventually start their career, and there’s a chance they could become a full-time employee at the local company, which would help keep young people in the area.

“There is a brain drain,” Selby said. “Our most important resource is our young people.”

He said some college kids think they have to move away to get a good job, but there are more companies in the area than many people realize.

“There are a lot of hidden gems in the Ormond Beach area,” he said.


Companies can tell their story


A benefit to companies that participate, he said, is that they will be able to “tell their story” on the website. The project will show the variety of companies and employment opportunities available in the Ormond Beach area, which will also benefit the community.

Another benefit for students is getting actual work experience that could help them decide on a career path.

“I don’t see it as just a job, but also a mentorship,” Selby said. “We can help them understand what is important, such as being on time and dressing properly.”

Of course, the immediate benefit for the student is the pay. Selby said the cost of going to college had risen, but every dollar a student earns in the summer is another dollar he won’t have to borrow.

Selby is currently a candidate for City Commissioner for Zone 1.

Call 295-8729 or email [email protected].



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