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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Nov. 19, 2018 1 year ago

CANDO 2 leaders call for continued engagement after Ormond Beach election

Also, a letter about the 'NO CANDO' sign.
by: Guest Writer

City is better because of CANDO 2's citizen engagement

Dear Editor:

First of all, congratulations to the winners of the Nov. 6 election.

We’d also like to thank the CANDO 2-endorsed candidates for taking on the tall task of challenging the incumbents. The candidates had to face the opposition of big money, name recognition and other factors. It is not easy going against the status quo.

Despite all that, the candidates ran clean, honest, hard-fought campaigns, and for that they are winners in our hearts.
We hope that the City Commission members remember their roles as public servants. Although we are disappointed with the outcome, the fact that the CANDO 2-endorsed candidates garnered an average 40% of the vote shows that we are not a "fringe group," but rather represent a healthy portion of Ormond Beach residents. We hope that the new commission will take that into account by listening and governing for all of Ormond Beach.

We are grateful for the experience of working with them and for offering the citizens of Ormond Beach a choice. We believe our city will be better because of the citizen engagement brought about through CANDO 2.

Ken and Julie Sipes

Ormond Beach


Winners need to be good sports and heal divisions

Dear Editor:

Usually, after an election, there is an attempt by those that have won to unite both sides and heal any divisions and differences. It appears that at least someone is deciding not to follow that path, as indicated by the photo. Perhaps, a more appropriate message would have been, "We can do it together."

Kay Burniston

Ormond Beach

Editor's Note: According to City Manager Joyce Shanahan, the sign is not on city property, and the city does not own the sign.

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