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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Apr. 16, 2014 5 years ago

Cash and prizes presented in Mayor's Challenge

by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

Participants lost more than 600 pounds.

A bunch of “losers” showed up at Rockefeller Gardens on April 12. It was the winners in the Mayor’s Challenge who gathered to receive their prizes for getting fit and losing weight.

Christina Maguire, Human Resources risk manager who coordinated the challenge, reported that a total of 607.1 pounds was lost by the challengers, along with 83.2 BMI points lost and 68.7 body fat points improved.

The statistics were compiled from the 53 people who completed the initial and final biometrics. A total of 356 challengers signed up for the 12-week event.

“Many people had conflicts and couldn’t be there for the final weigh-in,” Maquire said.

There were also 11 challengers in the Physical Fitness Challenge which involved a series of timed exercises on the final day of the event.

More than $5,000 was awarded in cash and prizes.

At the awards ceremony, Mayor Ed Kelley said everywhere he goes, people ask about the challenge.

“People tell me what a difference it made in their lives,” he said. “They realize the benefits of eating the proper foods and exercising.”

Everyone but the first place winners received their awards at the ceremony. The first place winners will be recognized at the City Commission meeting on May 6.

Next year’s event will be kicked off on Jan. 3 at the Nova Community Center and the theme will be “Knock Your Socks Off.” Maquire said events will be held later this year leading up to next year’s event.

She said many people had commented that they wished there was more interaction with other competitors, so next year they will have coffee clubs at various restaurants. There will also be a walk each week, starting at the Farmers Market.

Steve and Phyllis Heath, of Ormond Beach, both took part in the challenge. He said he lost 41 pounds and she lost 11 pounds.

“We walk every day now,” she said. “We’ll probably take part next year.”

He said it recharged his commitment to wellness and made him mindful of what he eats.

“It’s a good habit to maintain,” he said.

Carol Karlstag, who recently relocated to the area from Michigan, said the challenge helped her meet people in the community and introduced her to the YMCA, where she now volunteers as a tutor.

“It fell into my plan of getting healthy in my first year of retirement,” she said.


Weight Loss Percentage: individual

1st Place: $500 (19%) John Moak

2nd Place: $350 (17%) David Mallar

3rd Place: $150 plus gift card (16%) Commissioner Bill Partington

Weight Loss Percentage: team

1st Place: $500 (10%, 80.8 pounds) VC Fire/Family: Arleen Redmond, John and Deb Moak and Steven Noder

2nd Place: $350 (10%, 74.9 pounds) Team Commission: Mayor Ed Kelley, Commissioners Bill Partington and James Stowers

3rd Place: $150 (1 pound) Team RWB: Peggy Falatar, Jo Case, and Patty Hoffman

Improve Body Fat percentage: individual

1st Place: (33%) Janet Leblanc

2nd Place: $350 (32%) John Moak

3rd Place: $150 plus gift card (23.76%) Alicia Hardy

Improve Body Fat percentage: team

1st Place: – (16%) Team Commissioner: Mayor Ed Kelley and Commissioners Bill Partington and James Stowers.

2nd Place: $350 – (11%) VC Fire/Family – Arleen Redmond, John & Deb Moak, and Steven Noder

3rd Place: $150 plus gift card – (0.2%) Team RWB: Peggy Falatar, Jo Case, and Patty Hoffman

Physical Fitness Challenge:

1st Place: – (229 points) Marty Lawson

2nd Place: $350 – (226 points) Scott McKee

3rd Place: $150 plus gift card – (201 points) Patty Fennell

4th Place $100 plus gift card – (196.5 points) Mary Moriarty

5th Place $100 plus gift card – (192 points) Erin Hunter

Honorable Mention: Gary and Suzanne Zimmerman; John White; Dina and Greg Evans; Diana Price; Mary Moriarty; Peggy Griffin; Scott and Leslie McKee; Greg Evans; and Harrison White


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