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City Commission
Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Aug. 12, 2013 6 years ago

City to invest in electrical upgrades at Airport Business Park


The city is adding $112,000 to its budget to improve electrical service at the Airport Business Park.


When the power goes out at home, it’s a bother. But when it goes out at your business, it can be a big expense, especially if you are a manufacturer.

That’s why the city has proposed adding $112,000 to its Capital Improvement Plan to improve the electric service at the Airport Business Park.

“One of the businesses out there does injection molding,” said City Manager Joyce Shanahan. “They have had some interruptions and they have to stop the process, and that wastes products. It also takes time to get the machines up and running again.”

She said the problem had been discussed for “a long time.”

Working with the Florida Power & Light Company, the city has determined which electrical lines at the park will be placed underground. The Ormond Beach City Commission will vote on final approval of the project when bids come back in October.

The commission also approved at its Aug. 7 meeting to spend $194,000 to extend water lines carrying reclaimed water from Seton Trail to Magnolia Drive. Reclaimed water is used instead of filtered drinking water throughout the city to water grass and plants.

Where pipes are available, residents can hook up to the water lines for a fee to water their lawns.

The city's Capital Improvement Plan was reviewed by the commission at a June 3 workshop, prior to the plan's approval Aug. 7. Additional funding was also approved at the same meeting to cover the electrical upgrade and water line extension.

The city budget will be approved in September. Shanahan said it was necessary for the city to approve the Capital Improvement Plan beforehand in order to meet deadlines for federal grants.

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