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Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Sep. 22, 2019 2 years ago

City should backup claims with facts

Writer says documentation needed in septic-to-sewer issue
by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor:

On Sept. 19, 2019, the Observer published as news, an article “Ormond to amend comprehensive plan following annexation fears over septic-to-sewer.”

Also, City Attorney Randy Hayes outlined the history of water service to the north peninsula, and why there have been about 39 annexation agreements signed in recent years.

Having so stated, please provide a list of those 39 annexations and number of properties affected by each.

Also stated without any supporting documentation, “the 2013 Health Department report stating septic tanks weren't suitable for the north peninsula, and were to blame for the pollution in the Halifax River."

Ormond commissioners have committed $1.2 million with no current or valid engineering testing or study. Not even a copy of the purported 2013 document.

Show some factual current engineering evidence, not nonsensical ramblings, before you spend our money, Ormond Beach.

Cheaters litigation in 2010, and the North U.S. 1 utility service interlocal agreement was amended and provided the city with the authority to annex properties in its service areas.

The building was in the county when Cheaters started 2010, and the property was later annexed into the city, which drove them out of business.

Stowers, then a commissioner, said he sees positive things on the horizon for the area, and the Cheaters site has a strong potential for development because of visibility from U.S. 1. Yep, Dollar General and some residents even complain about that.

And how much did the Cheaters litigation in 2010 cost residents, Mr. Hayes?

Why have any codes when all things are exceptions approved by the Commission?

Michael Young

Ormond Beach

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