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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014 5 years ago

COPS CORNER: The old ‘looking for a dog excuse'

by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

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July 22

Suspect says he’s a bad crook

1:27 a.m. — 500 Block of North Ridgewood Avene. Loitering or Prowling. The officer was on patrol and noticed the suspect walking up a driveway. The suspect walked to the back of the house and up to a gate in a chain link fence.

The officer announced his presence, and asked if that was his residence. The suspect said it was not. He said he was walking a friend’s dog, Jacko, in the neighborhood when he lost his grip on the leash and the dog ran off. The suspect asked the officer to keep an eye out for the dog and gave his address.

As the officer was about to release the suspect, he noted that his Driver’s License had a Daytona Beach address, and the address he gave did not exist. He also found that the suspect was on inmate release status for burglary.

The officer read the suspect his Miranda rights, and he agreed to answer questions.

The officer showed the suspect a map, and asked him to point out his residence. The officer then transported the suspect to that location.

The officer contacted the person at that residence, and she said she did not own a dog. The officer asked the suspect why he claimed to be walking a dog, and he said it was because he got nervous. He said he had gone to the side of the house to use the restroom and did not intend on breaking in. He said he didn’t know why he took a walk at 1:30 a.m., he just felt like taking one. He said he thought the officer would go away if he told him he was looking for a dog. He said, “I’m a good liar, but a bad crook.”

The suspect was arrested for loitering or prowling.

 July 19

Good thing she didn’t sit down

7:36 p.m. — 1500 Block of San Marco Drive. Theft. While patrolling an apartment building, the officer was flagged down by the victim. She said the brown, leather bicycle seat had been stolen from her beach cruiser bicycle sometime during the day. The bike was secured to a rack along with other bikes. No other bikes were missing any items.

July 13

Letter bomb

9:46 p.m. — 700 Block of West Lindenwood Circle. Vandalism. The victim said he was in his home when he heard an explosion. He went outside and found his mailbox lying in the grass. The mailbox post was still in the ground.

A mangled two-liter soda bottle, containing an unknown residue, was found in the middle of the road. Balls of tin foil and pennies were scattered around the road. The lid to the mailbox was found across the street in a neighbor’s yard about 100 feet from the post.

The officer noted that the bottle and tin foil was indicative of a “Drano bomb.”

The victim said his mailbox was smashed a month ago, and last Saturday someone placed fireworks in it. He said he works in Human Resources for a large, local company but does not know if he is being targeted because of that. He also said a neighborhood teenager is “strange,” and he has had problems with him.

Neighbors said they thought the explosion was fireworks.

The value of the mailbox was estimated at $50. The bomb material was placed into evidence.

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