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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Sep. 12, 2012 6 years ago

Cops Corner, Sept. 13


A narcotics complaint, a weapons complaint and a theft.

Sept. 1

That’s not my “crack pipe”

10:59 p.m. — 500 Block of Yonge Street. Narcotics. Police officers were alerted of a narcotics complaint by an anonymous resident. The officers later identified the suspect’s apartment and conducted a "knock and talk."

When the officers arrived at the apartment the door was wide open. The officers alerted the suspect of their presence, and he immediately went to the front door. After entering the apartment, the officers notified the suspect they were there on a narcotics complaint and one of the officers noticed a crack pipe sitting in plain view.

The officers questioned the defendant about whether he used crack cocaine, and he said he didn't. Officers believe the suspect saw them eyeballing the crack pipe because he spontaneously said: "If you're talking about that crack pipe over there, it's not mine. I'm holding it for someone.”

Officers tested the pipe with a field kit and results were presumptive for cocaine. The suspect was placed under arrest for narcotic paraphernalia was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail because he was on probation for misdemeanor battery.

Sept. 8

Open house policy

9:52 a.m. – First Block of Cross Creek Way. Theft. The victim told police that she and her husband were out of town over the Labor Day weekend and had an open house at their residence. The victim said when she returned from vacation on Monday, Sept. 3, she noticed she was missing some jewelry.

The victim told police the jewelry, which was located in the master bedroom, in the closet and in the top drawer, was taken during the open house. The total value of the four missing items was estimated at $20,000-$30,000. The real estate agent was contacted and told police she had a list of all the people at the open house except for one gentleman.

Just shooting at bats

10:50 p.m. – 1400 Block of Oceanshore Boulevard. Weapons Complaint. Two separate victims exiting Lenny's Pizza heard multiple "pop" sounds. One victim heard small objects bouncing off the vehicles in the parking lot and was subsequently struck in the chest.

The other victim heard small objects hit off his car and observed a dent with chipped paint. The first victim noticed a subject on the top floor of the northwest corner of the Regency Plaza condominium, which is located approximately 100 yards southeast of where he was standing. A Volusia County sheriff’s deputy went to the apartment identified by the victim.

The deputy met the suspect at the apartment and although he denied any involvement, the deputy found two CO2-powered, BB pistols, including the CO2 and loaded BB magazines. The suspect was read his Miranda warnings and later admitted to shooting at bats from his apartment but did not mean to shoot anyone. The suspect was transported to jail.

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