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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Sep. 26, 2012 6 years ago

Cops Corner, Sept. 27


A suspect pays for pizza with counterfeit money; a fast food worker gets shot with a squirt gun; and a drunk man can't find his car.

Sept. 24

Real pizza, fake money

11:03 p.m. -- First Block of Putnam Avenue. Fraud. A manager at Pizza Hut told police he took an order for a pizza, wings and a bottle of soda, for a total of $21.57, at 9:27 p.m. from a new customer. The delivery driver who was assigned the order told police the house was so dark the suspect had to flash a porch light for him. The delivery driver told police the suspect gave him two counterfeit $20 bills and asked for $15 in change. It wasn’t until he returned to the store that he realized the bills were fake. He told police that was the only delivery he made on the trip. Police said the counterfeit bills appeared to have been made on a regular printer paper and the edges weren’t cut properly. The police added that the bills had the same serial number.

Sept. 20

Drive-by squirting

1:56 p.m. -- First Block of Williamson Boulevard. Simple or Aggravated Assault/Battery. The victim told police she was working the drive thru window at Taco Bell when a red- or maroon-colored Grand Am, without tinted windows, approached the window after placing an order. The victim told police she was suspicious of the subjects because they were hesitant while placing their order. The car approached the window as the victim was preparing drinks. As she turned to collect the money, she told police a white male in the backseat shot her with a squirt gun containing blue liquid. The subjects then drove off in the car. The victim told police the cameras at the restaurant don’t work and that she had heard of a similar incident involving a red car spraying Silly String at a person working at a Taco Bell in Daytona Beach, Sept. 18.

Sept. 21

Dude, where’s my car?

2:03 a.m. -- First Block of Granada Boulevard. Suspicious Incident. An Ormond Beach resident told police he parked his mother’s car behind Caffeine Bistro and Wine Bar before going in with two friends. When he came back out of the bar later, he told police the car wasn’t where he left it. The responding officer checked with local tow companies and wasn’t able to find any record of the vehicle being taken. The officer then completed a stolen vehicle checklist and had the victim fill out a statement. As the victim finished his statement, he received a call from a friend who had walked across the Granada Bridge. The friend told him his car was sitting in front of Surf Shop, on the first block of S Atlantic Avenue. Police said it was unclear whether his friends were playing a joke on him, or if he was too intoxicated and forgot where he initially parked. Police transported him home, due to his intoxication level.

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