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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach man shoots wife, then himself
Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Apr. 17, 2014 4 years ago

COPS CORNER: Suspect should have watched where he stepped

by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

Also: Walking out on a fight and running away from a theft

April 3

Footprints lead to arrest

10:44 a.m. — First Block of Sweetmeadow Court. Burglary. As the officer turned into Coquina Point subdivision, he saw a male walking southbound on Clyde Morris Boulevard. While in the subdivision, the officer was dispatched to an alarm call on Sweetmeadow Court.

At the rear of the house, the officer saw glass shattered in a door and a cinder block lying nearby. The screen had been cut. He also found sneaker prints in some sand by the southeast corner of the house.

The officer realized the male he saw might be related to the case so he gave a description over the radio.

The victim said a jewelry box missing. Also missing was a pillow case, and there was blood on the pillow.

Another officer found the pillow case with blood and the jewelry box in a dumpster at a nearby plaza.

Other officers spotted a male who matched the description, and knew him as someone who has a history of burglary. While talking to him, they noticed a fresh cut on his hand and blood on his leg and shirt.

A detective took the suspect’s shoes to the crime scene technician who was at the house, and it was discovered that the tread matched the pattern and size of the prints at the house. The suspect also had a knife in his possession.

The suspect told the officers he would show them where the property was located. He took them to the dumpster, unaware they had already found the jewelry box.

He was arrested and transported to Volusia County Branch Jail.

April 10

Argument ends vacation

7:35 a.m. — 100 Block of Williamson Boulevard. Information. The victim said she and her boyfriend had been staying at a motel on the beach since April 5. The night before, they were drinking and he took a prescribed Xanax.

That morning they had an argument and decided to drive back to the University of Central Florida, where her boyfriend lives and is a student. On the way, he got extremely tired so they decided to stop at a motel on Williamson Boulevard and get some rest. After he got the key to the room, she told him she was still angry about the argument and would be up in a few minutes.

When she went in later, the clerk stated the boyfriend had come back downstairs and gone out the side door. The victim called police.

She told the officer she would go to a restaurant nearby and wait for him to come back. If he doesn’t return, she said, she would call a friend to pick her up.

April 9

Victim makes ID

5:25 p.m. — 1500 Block of West Granada Boulevard. Battery and Petit Theft. The loss prevention agent said he saw the suspect put a baby monitor down his pants and walk out of the store. The agent stopped the suspect, who gave back the monitor but pushed the agent and ran away.

Another police officer was leaving a training class near LPGA Boulevard and Interstate-95 when he heard the call. He saw the suspect and stopped him.

The first officer and the loss prevention agent traveled to the scene for a “show up.” The agent said it was the same man who pushed him and ran from the store.

It was discovered that the suspect had an outstanding Volusia County warrant for violation of probation in reference to robbery by sudden snatching. He was arrested for battery and petit theft.

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