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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Apr. 22, 2019 10 months ago

Cut fluoride and save money

Also: Protect restaurants from trucks
by: Guest Writer

Cut fluoride and save money


Dear Editor:

We are told that if the referendum passes, water quality projects will be a top priority. I was disappointed when I attended the Ormond Beach meeting on water quality. The five people that sat at my table came to that meeting, filled out a questionnaire expressing their concern about the city adding fluoride to our drinking water. Even though people at other tables expressed the same concern, our concerns were not addressed. I buy toothpaste and oral rinse that contains fluoride. These and fluoride treatments offered by dentists have resulted in a decrease in tooth decay in our population. Those products that contain fluoride always have the warning: "Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away." Knowing the risks of ingesting fluoride, which are well documented, I would never choose to drink the poison. However, because it is in the city water, I am rinsing my vegetables in it, bathing in it, etc. Sadly, my dog has to drink fluoridated water for no benefit because it passes from her tongue to her belly, bypassing her teeth!

The half-cent sales tax, we are told, will also go to road reconstruction. The big heavy HazMat trucks that bring the fluoride to our water plants add to the need of road repair. Those trucks may pollute our environment as they drive along our highways. There is the expense of cleaning up leaks from the holes burned into the pavement by the chemical, which has happened. There is always the risk of the trucks being in a crash with disastrous results.

I suggest that the money spent on adding fluoride, the money spent on cleaning up fluoride spills, and road damage caused by the HazMat trucks, be used to support water quality projects starting with getting the fluoride out of our water.

Barbara Waite Sandberg

Ormond Beach


Protect restaurants from trucks


Dear Editor:

So after you "dine" at one of these food trucks, where does one go if nature calls? The restaurant industry calls them "Bathroom Customers." When I designed restaurant kitchens back in the 1980s, the square footage cost, exclusive of the property, was about $300. Restaurants pay very high workman's compensation, must provide for 2/3 restrooms, carry product liability insurance, pay taxes, etc.  And food trucks? What do they pay? If the commissioners want to even the playing field, designate one location for all food trucks, pave it, provide Port-O-Potties, waste receptables, parking, lighting, etc. Let the city charge each truck operator rent and verify they have product liability and workman's comp —Additionally Insured Notification.  The city of Ormond Beach owes this to the restaurant operators who have made a financial commitment to Ormond Beach.   

Chuck Wadro (former 16-year resident)

Ponte Vedra

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