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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 6 years ago

Dancing for a Difference: Locals perform in support of diabetes


Local dancers perform to raise money for diabetes, at the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center. 


Fourteen-year-old Danielle Handel wants to change the world. And she’ll start with a little dance number.

The South Beach Dance Academy will host its Dancing for a Difference performance 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 26, at the Ormond Beach Performing Art Center. And thanks to Handel, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Florida Camp for Children and Youth with Diabetes.

Handel first brought up the idea of raising money for diabetes when she did a project on it for school.

“I have a friend who has diabetes,” Handel said. “It’s something that I’ve seen a lot of in my life. I knew causes like that need a lot of help.”

Amy Soileau, outreach director for the Florida Diabetes Camp, said the camps are all over the state of Florida and are for children with Type 1 diabetes.

“Anything we can get helps,” Soileau said. “The cost to us per camper is $1,000. That is enough for one child to attend camp for a full week.”

The dancers in the academy have been working on their performance since September. According to studio owner Matt Mahoney, the performance they have been working on will be a surprise for the dancers’ families.

“We’re getting ready to start competition season,” Mahoney said. “The parents haven’t seen what the kids have been working on. No costumes or anything. It’s a showcase to come see everyone preform.”

And though Handel will continue dancing for a cause, she isn’t stopping there. The Spruce Creek freshman hopes to become a politician.

“There’s a lot I think I could do to help and change the world,” Handel said. “I know it’s kind of cheesy.”

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