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Cops Corner
Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Jun. 8, 2021 4 days ago

Daytona man arrested for $1.70 cup of coffee, threatens officers with bomb

This week in Cops Corner...
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

May 31

Tea time

8:31 a.m. — 500 block of North Nova Road

Burglary. Police responded to a local funeral home after receiving a call regarding a burglary.

According to the report, a funeral home employee told police that when he arrived at work that morning, he found the maintenance building had been vandalized and a window had been broken. Whoever broke in spray-painted curse words on the entry door as well as racial slurs on the concrete floor. The suspects also spray-painted a golf cart. 

As for evidence, the suspects left behind two opened half-drank cans of sweet tea. Likewise, the only things missing were two 12-packs of sweet tea. 

Photos of the vandalism were submitted to the evidence department. 

June 7

Trespassed again

7:44 a.m. — First block of North Yonge Street

Petit theft. A 62-year-old Daytona Beach man was arrested after he stole a cup of coffee, valued at $1.70, from a local convenience store.

An employee told police that the man came into the store, poured himself a cup of coffee and once at the register, he tried to pay for his coffee with only one dollar bill. The cashier informed him he was 70 cents short, and the man threw the dollar on the counter and walked out with the coffee. The employee came out to see what was causing the commotion and recognized the man as someone who had previously been told not to be on the property. The man has been trespassed from the store twice in the past. 

When the reporting officer located the man, he was walking behind another business. He initially tried to hide from the officer, but eventually stopped when instructed. The man denied being at the convenience store and claimed someone has been "stealing his clothes in an attempted to impersonate him and get him in trouble," the report states. He also told the officer he worked at the business, though the officer knew the business had trespassed the man as well. Police also later confirmed he did not work at the business.

After he was secured in handcuffs, the man began saying racial slurs, including stating, "Black lives don't matter. I'd be just as quick to put a rope around their neck." He also threatened the police department by saying he "wondered what a pressure cooker bomb would do to the sally port of the police department," according to the report.

He was taken to jail. 

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