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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018 4 years ago

Developer's daughter defends Granada Pointe after CANDO 2 criticism

CANDO 2 'continues to ignore the simple concept of property rights,' Gormley writes.
by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor:

I have always tried to see both sides of every situation, whether regarding political candidates, legislation, or even bad calls in a national championship game. The Granada Pointe project is no different for me, even though my father is the developer.

Yes, I am biased; of course I am. How could I not be when I have seen him work tirelessly on this project for years? Recently he has dealt with a group that constantly speaks negatively not only about the project, but also about my father personally, claiming that he "bought" the approval of city commissioners.

The reality is that he has consistently earned the approval of past and present commission members because of his 32-year history of developing quality commercial, office, medical and residential projects in Ormond Beach. His developments have been a success and are frequented by many of the same CANDO 2 members that attack the Granada Pointe project.

The opposition continues to ignore the simple concept of property rights. 

Upon completion, the Granada Pointe project will exceed code requirements with additional landscape and hardscape features, 10 acres of donated land held for preservation and other public benefits. I am beyond proud of who he is as a developer but more than that, I am proud of his constant desire to improve each project and mitigate neighborhood concerns. To my knowledge, not many developers, if any, return to City Commission meetings after their project has been approved to answer questions and have further discussion; my father also offered an invitation to the neighbors and CANDO 2 members to come to his office to discuss the project in detail and review the overall plans. He has voluntarily provided additional benefits at citizens request.

After listening to numerous CANDO 2 members attack the Granada Pointe project with false and misleading talking points, my father began to respond, clarify and address their concerns; however, this group of adults found it appropriate to disrupt and walk out of the meeting, choosing not to listen. This not only demonstrates their maturity level, but it also shows they do not want to learn the facts of the project.

Some people claim to be against the rezoning of this project, but what they are failing to accept is that the majority of the land was already zoned B-9 Commercial for more than 25 years. As a condition of approving this project, the City Commission actually removed 10 acres of commercial B-9 land from potential development. This is just one of the many factual public benefits that CANDO 2 members choose to ignore.

The CANDO 2 group continues to attack my father and Granada Pointe, using this project as their platform for political purposes. History is on our side and confirms that for the last 32 years, the Ormond Beach community has supported and continues to frequent my father’s projects. Let’s put judgement on hold and give a completed Granada Pointe project a chance to earn community support.

Ava Gormley, of Ormond Beach, is a sophomore at the University of Alabama's Culverhouse College of Business.

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