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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, May 28, 2019 1 year ago

Don't ignore the voice of the people

Voters take note
by: Guest Writer

The citizens of Volusia County should take note.

On May 21, a special election culminated with the receipt of ballots expressing public opposition to an issue.

Although I have serious trepidation with the circumstances surrounding how the special election came to be, I am much more concerned with the glaring dismissal of the will of the people.

It is outrageous that any elected official would have the audacity to announce intent prior to the vote even being counted that if the vote doesn’t go the way they want it to, the issue will be placed on the ballot again in the next election until the desired vote is achieved. And now, after an election where the citizens of Volusia County voted, their voice is being stifled and dismissed by a continued message that the issue will simply be placed on the next ballot until the people vote differently. 

Councilwoman Heather Post

And less than a year ago, this same scenario played out regarding Amendment 10 and is still being played out today! The shocking argument being heard there is that if the citizens understood what they were voting for they would have voted differently. 

I, for one, as the representative of Volusia County District 4, believe in standing up as the voice of my constituents. I accept the results of a democratic election. 

The operation of our government greatly affects your daily lives and those of your children’s. I encourage each of you to fully expect and require representation of the people, by the people and for the people. 

President Grover Cleveland said it best: “We proudly call ours a government by the people. It is not such when a class is tolerated which arrogates to itself the management of public affairs, seeking to control the people instead of representing them.”

Heather Post

Volusia County councilwoman District 4

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