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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Apr. 2, 2015 4 years ago

Easter is sad when you're no longer five

by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

With no little kiddies to impress with an egg hunt, I’ll turn my efforts to Bear. 

Do you remember what it was like to believe in the Easter Bunny? Being older and so much wiser (stop laughing Mom) I now realize how creepy the concept of a giant bunny breaking into houses to impress children really is. Also I’ve frequently made unwanted eye contact with the mall Easter Bunnies, and it has not been pleasant.

Still, believing in the bunny was one the things that made Easter feel magical. Not as magical as your birthday or Christmas, but still it was one more day out of the year that felt special. Until you got older, realized the magic wasn’t real and started being a brat for not getting enough money in your Easter basket. My apologies, parents.

Once I grew past my bratty phase (Mom, I said stop laughing), I started to have fun with the younger cousins in my family during Easter through egg hunts, crafts and the occasional failed egg toss. My brother just ended up smashing the egg on my head.

It didn’t hurt that my beautiful soul of a Grandma realized early in my childhood that money was the motive. Our eggs were filled with all the change she had collected throughout the year. There were a bunch of us kids in the family and equally a bunch of eggs, so the most I ever got was about $30. Okay, realize how spoiled that sentence makes me sound. Maybe I’m not out of my bratty phase.

The cash egg hunt has made growing out of the tradition very difficult. Over time the actual adults in the family have tried to limit the cash flow for those over the age of eight, but most attempts have failed. What can I say? We’ve got bills to pay now. This egg hunt has officially become a part of my income.

This year, there’s really only two cousins left who are the proper age to participate in an egg hunt. My mom tells me she’s calling it quits. She’s done with our greediness and unappreciation of the holiday. She’s also tired of her adult children fighting with toddlers for quarters.

I had the privilege of attending a real egg hunt this past weekend (see our Neighborhood page for the story), and I got a glimpse at what my childhood could have been like. I saw a little boy slowly pick up an egg, and place it in another girl’s basket. His mother cooed at his thoughtfulness.

“Isn’t that what Easter is about?” she beamed.

I felt a quick twinge of guilt thinking about my mother, who maybe never had that experience with her money-hungry daughter during this holiday. I can’t speak entirely for my younger self, but I hope I had few moments of pure kid-kindness before my eyes went green.

This year, maybe I can focus on bringing back that child-inspired generosity instead of figuring out how to beat my 11-year-old cousin in an egg hunt.

Looking for a gift for your dog? 

Stephanie Benedict, owner of Yours Truly Custom Giftery in Daytona Beach, has partnered with Ormond Beach resident Carolyn Diaz, owner of The Modern Mutt, to create custom Easter Baskets for your puppy/child.

The prices vary depending on what kind of items you put in your basket, but Benedict believes pet should be included in every holiday.

“They’re a part of your family,” she said.

When I saw the cuteness in the basket, I was reminded of what kind of dog I wanted Bear to be. A dog that played with chic squeaky toys, and ate all-natural dog treats. But I know him well enough to know that he is the very opposite of those things.

Hopefully, your dog is cool, and would love everything in one of these baskets. Bear, however, would prefer my leftovers from Chilis, and a nap.

Call 872-4938 for more info or visit

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