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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Apr. 22, 2019 1 year ago

Facebook post about sales tax, four-year terms, brings comments

Readers react to Facebook post
by: Guest Writer

Two years is enough time to show us that you are doing what WE elected you for. TWO years is all you get …. You work for US ... remember that....

— Wray Gillette


The commissioners, Deputy Mayor and Mayor are doing a fantastic job! Not debating. The taxes and cost of living are already extremely fair and no, they are not trying to turn OB into PO. My oh my.

— Douglas Stephan French Jr.


No four-year terms. GET THEM OUT. OUR LITTLE TOWN IS GONE.!!

— Margery Kostman


Food is not taxed. Services are not taxed. The half-cent increase equates to almost nothing over an entire year. If someone were to purchase $30,000 in non-food products, that means they will spend an extra $150 during the year.

— Joe Thistle


Term limitations are in place for a reason and they should be in place in every form of government. As for the tax increase, only a half-percent really adds up after they continue to add them over time.

— Chuck France Douglas


I'm a solid 'no' simply because of how our elected officials have declined to obtain the funding they should have over the years from impact fees combined with this sneaky effort to increase this tax by way of a costly mail in only 'special' election.

— Mike Prater


No more taxes.

— Darlene Tucker Parent



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