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Father Lopez
Lopez girls bball obo_madi and madi
Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015 5 years ago

Father Lopez's Madi and Madi: sisters with the same name

by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

When Father Lopez’s Madison Patrick suffered a concussion in one of the first games of this season, no one stood closer in her corner than her best friend, Madison Camporese. Due to her injury, Patrick lost her memory for 10 days, and Camporese was there to help her in every way.

“Madi did her own version of 100 questions in the hospital to try and jog my memory, and then she came over to my house when I got released,” Patrick said. “She brought me breakfast when I couldn’t go to school and was with me in the gym every day to help me get back into basketball and get my confidence back. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to be able to call her friend.”

The two Lopez freshmen met and became friends on Creekside Middle School’s basketball team, where they won a championship together, and their relationship has continued to bloom as they landed on the same AAU travel team.

After their eighth grade year, when Camporese enrolled at Father Lopez, Patrick decided to transfer there to continue to play with and be closer to her friend.

“It’s not often that you find a friend you have so much in common with,” Patrick said. “Our friendship is so close that we’re like sisters. We wanted to continue playing together, and the two of us push each other in everything we do from school to sports, and we wanted that for high school and possibly even college.”

In the same way that Camporese provided support to Patrick through her concussion, Patrick was there for Camporese, as she had to endure the loss of their friend, Savanna Mohney, who recently died.

“That was hard for all of us, but Savanna was compassionate and always had a great work ethic, and I play for her now,” Camporese said. “She motivates me to be the best that I can be.”

Patrick and Camporese have been there for the hardest times in each other’s lives, which also includes being complete strangers at a new school, but they acknowledge that, in return, their relationship has gotten even closer than before. According to Patrick, they get asked a lot if they’re blood sisters, and the people who ask them question why their mom gave them the same names.

“We’re honestly sisters,” Patrick said. “I’m so blessed that I have the privilege of being her best friend and vice versa.”

“It meant so much for me, when Madison (Patrick) joined me here at Father Lopez,” Camporese added. “Her friendship means so much to me, and after she chose to do that, I didn’t know how to put it in words how I felt and feel about her. We’re honestly sisters.”

Lopez girls bball obo_concussion

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