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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Nov. 16, 2015 3 years ago

Five reasons why No. 5, Denzel Houston, is special

Mainland's star quarterback is much more than a great athlete.
by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

Denzel Houston has accounted for nearly 70 touchdowns in the last two years and has led the Buccaneers to a top seed in the playoffs for the last two seasons. Houston has been named Offensive Player of the Week and outright Player of the Week on a number of occasions. While this is all common knowledge, here are more reasons that make No. 5 special.

Dez the builder and fixer

In a previous building class, Houston learned how to build remote control cars and bridges, and fell in love with constructing different objects. In addition to building things, he loves to fix things. On any given weekend, it wouldn’t be unusual to find Houston in the back of receiver Randy Baker’s house fixing on bicycles. He's currently working on three bikes for his friends.

Denzel Houston scrambles for a big gain to set up a Mainland touchdown. Photos by Jeff Dawsey

Houston’s GPA is over 3.0

“When I had a bad grade, my coaches made me do up-downs for any bad grade I had. I told myself to get my grades right, so I wouldn't have to do up-downs ever-again,” Houston laughed. For every “D,” Mainland players will have to do 25 up-downs 50 for an “F.”

He loves competition but hates to lose

In the last two years as quarterback, Houston and Mainland have only lost twice, although they have trailed in some games. His competitive spirit often gets on his friends’ nerves.

“I hate losing in video games too, so I try not to, but, if I do, I have to play you again until I win,” he said. “I was playing Randy in NBA 2K, and he beat me four times in a row, so we played one more time, and I finally beat him. When people beat me in anything, it makes them feel good because they know I hate to lose.”

Never gives up

Houston’s will to keep fighting was on display last year in the playoffs, when the Bucs surprisingly trailed 21-0 at halftime against Edgewater.

“I just told my team to believe, and I put them on my back and took the game over,” Houston said. “That's the best time that we all came together as one.”

Houston’s two touchdown runs and two touchdown passes gave Mainland the lead, which helped them to win the game.

Denzel Houston has led the area in passing for the last two years.

Touchdown machine

Tallying nearly 70 touchdowns over just a two-year span, Houston has accounted for at least two scores in every game he’s played at quarterback.

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