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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Jun. 27, 2017 3 years ago

Frame of Mind hosting opening ceremony for local mixed media artist

Ron Berkheimer's "Not Quite Abstract" collection is now on display at Frame of Mind.
by: Jarleene Almenas Associate Editor

Ron Berkheimer is no ordinary artist.

His collection “Not Quite Abstract” is on display inside Frame of Mind on Granada Blvd. Each piece consists of a wooden frame with different collages of art in the background and a 3D shelf displaying knick-knacks like coke bottles and dolls.

“I love the art scene,” Berkheimer said. “I never thought I had any talent to do anything with it because I’m basically colorblind and I wouldn’t be able to paint anything that meant anything.”

After almost 37 years as a flooring contractor in Washington D.C., Berkheimer began building and selling miniature model car displays. He’d always been fascinated by art, so he began to look for ways to enhance his displays.

He ended up traveling the country with his job, even delving into turning his displays into automobile-themed placemats. Because of his career, Berkheimer said the idea of having a display feature incorporated into artwork appealed to him.

He’s spent the last year creating pieces for his “Not Quite Abstract” collection. There will be a gallery opening reception for his art at 6-8p.m. on July 1, inside Frame of Mind, and at Berkheimer’s request, they will serve marshmallows for people to snack on as they look through the collection. Berkheimer jokingly referred to the event as his debut, since this will be the first time his art is presented in a gallery.

“It’s definitely a strange collection of mixed media collage and old trinkets that he has on there,” said Patty Singer, event curator for Frame of Mind.

Each display takes Berkheimer about four to five hours to complete. He scours flea markets and auctions in order to find the perfect unusual item to place on each display. It doesn’t quite make sense, Berkheimer said, but each thing on the shelf ties into the display in some way.

As for the name of the collection, “Not Quite Abstract” came about because Berkheimer said he’s a long way from the kind of work that’s truly abstract.

“I can’t get near that in doing something that’s completely abstract,” Berkheimer said. “I kind of like to take things that have already been done and put it in a new setting.”

Berkheimer’s art may not be fully abstract, but Singer said she expects many different types of people to favor it, as it has a little something for everyone.

“I’m not a serious artist,” Berkheimer said. “I just put things together and hope everybody enjoys it as I do. I’m having the time of my life.”

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