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Ormond Beach Observer Friday, May 21, 2021 3 months ago

From doctor to business owner: Biz Buzz Q + A with Dr. Kristin Wulff

Dr. Wulff is the owner of a new kind of health and wellness spa: Vital Rejuvenation in Ormond Beach.

When did you arrive in Volusia County? What brought you here? 

I moved to the Ormond Beach area in 2010. I have worked in over 20 local nursing homes doing wound care at the bedside since that time. I still do wound care at two facilities because I just love it.

What is new in your business? 

Vital Rejuvenation was born out of the daily work I did in the nursing homes. We really need to start taking better care of ourselves through a healthier diet and exercise program and proper supplementation in order to resist/decrease the chances of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. I embarked on educating myself through the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and became board certified through them in order to establish my clinic.

What is the best business advice you have received, and how did it impact you? 

Since I am new to the health and wellness business, I take every bit of advice I can. Most importantly, I need to learn how to let others know what I am about and how I want to help change their lives.

What have you learned about leadership from running your business, and what is your leadership style? 

I’ve learned that being a leader as a physician is very different than being a business leader. I am a pretty low key boss — at least I think so. I have expectations that everyone understands and we communicate frequently on how to achieve our goals.

What have been the biggest obstacles to opening or running your business? How have you overcome them? 

Mostly, as I mentioned above, I would like to let the general public know more about me and what I do. I have joined the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce and get so much great feedback from my Net 2 Group that I am learning more each day.

Grand Opening of Vital Rejuvenation in Ormond Beach. Courtesy photo


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