Trainers try out new equipment recently installed in the Performance Center at Gold’s Gym.

Gold’s Gym to expand

Wellness, performance centers being added.
Jan. 23, 2016

Gold’s Gym Ormond Beach, 333 W. Granada Blvd., a health and fitness center with 5,000 members, is currently expanding, adding 7,000 square feet for a total of 30,000 square feet.

Two facilities are being added, a Weight Loss and Wellness Center and a TAG Elite Training Center. The training center will have a grand opening in the next couple of weeks and the wellness center is planned for March.

“People make a commitment to come here and improve their health so we want to give more back in return,” said franchise owner John Ward.

The business has reported more growth in 2015 than any previous year, according to Brooke Warner, program director. It has been at that location for 10 years.


Wellness and training centers


“The mind component is critical to health.”

BROOKE WARNER, program director at Gold’s Gym

Programs in the Wellness Center will include fall prevention for seniors, youth fitness programs, disease management and health programs such as weight loss services, addressing issues such as food addiction.

The Wellness Center will provide solutions to the problem of obesity and will be a starting place for those who are not yet comfortable working out in the open gym, providing more privacy.

Also, a mind-body fitness studio will be included in the Wellness Center, with yoga and meditation.

“The mind component is critical to health,” Warner said. “The body goes where the mind takes it.”

Gold’s Gym also has outreach programs, such as seminars at libraries on fall prevention.

“We want to show that falling is not a normal part of aging,” Warner said.

The TAG (trainer alliance group) Performance Center will offer group training with an athletic center, functional training studio, boot camp, stretching, recovery zone etc.


Nutrition importance


While awareness of health is higher than ever before, Ward said living in America makes it difficult to have a healthy lifestyle.

“Junk food is available, cheap and it tastes good,” he said. “It’s like a therapy for some people when they feel bad, but long term it’s detrimental.”

Nutrition coaching is a big part of the fitness process.

“Seventy percent of results are based on nutrition,” Warner said.

The guiding theory at the gym is to be mind strong, exercise strong, nutrition strong and supplement strong.

Gold’s is in the process of starting a PAG, or physician alliance group, with physicians who will refer to patients to Gold’s for such things as high blood pressure.

“Doctors need to be confident where they send patients,” Ward said.

Another initiative started last year was offering an organic smoothie bar, which build the body in conjunction with working out.

Gold’s Gym was started in Venice, California, in 1965 and now has 650 locations.