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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Sep. 14, 2015 3 years ago

Granada Gourmet rescues and names duck

by: Emily Blackwood News Editor



A charity knife sharpening event was held in honor of the mallard and the wildlife center that saved her. 

“We like to say she was shopping,” Granada Gourmet Owner Patti Surguine said of the mallard duck that was found wandering around the Granada Plaza in July. After laying 14 eggs in one of the parking lot’s flower beds, the duck got confused and attempted to fly into oncoming traffic. That’s when the plaza’s shop owners stepped in.



“We were guarding her from the cars that were whizzing through,” Surguine said. “We took her water, and she drank so much. I think she was dehydrated and left the eggs to try to get her bearings.”

Sadly, by the time the East Coast Wildlife Rehab came to the rescue, they eggs had been out in the sun for too long and didn’t make it. Sherrie Wentworth, the rehab’s owner and founder, took in the duck for permanent placement. She is currently living at the center as a foster mom to a few baby wood ducks, and has a best friends that’s a turkey.

“She’s happy as a calm,” Surguine said.

To thank the East Coast Wildlife Rehab for saving their new friend, Granada Gourmet held a Wusthof Charity Knife Sharpening event Sept. 12, and raised over $400 for the center. They also held a contest to name the rescued mallard duck, who is now known as Mallory.



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