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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2016 3 years ago

Halifax Humane Society gives 'voice to the voiceless' with new foster program

The Halifax Humane Society recently announced it's Adoption Ambassador Program.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

When Lori Morgan gets depressed, kittens are her therapy. Thankfully she's currently fostering three cats and their litters as of kittens as a pet ambassador, so she always gets the love she needs. 

"Sitting on the bedroom floor, surrounded with kittens crawling all over you," she smiled, "it just improves your wellbeing. It really helps." 

When Halifax Humane Society announced the new program in January, Lori and Karen Morgan were one of the first Pet Ambassadors on board. Made possible by a grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the program takes fostering an animal to a new level, making the foster family advocates for their animals. With the new program, the ambassador handles all the adoption paperwork, so the animal never has to return to the shelter, freeing more space for more animals to be rescued. 

"For each cage we can empty, we can save 16 additional animals," said Adrianne Gammon, Halifax Humane Society foster transfer coordinator. "They stay healthier when they are in the private home. They’re socialized better. They’re mentally and physically better." 

If you ask Karen Morgan how many cats she has a pets, well, the only answer she'll give you is "a couple." Her and Lori Morgan love cats so much, that letting go can sometimes prove difficult — but it's always worth it.

"When we get a kitten we love so much," Karen Morgan said, "we can’t anyone imagine loving them as much as we do. But then we find the perfect match, and we know they’re going to the perfect place." 

The humane society currently only has a handful of ambassadors, and none in the Ormond Beach area. Anyone interested in learning more information can call 274-4703 Ext., 331 or email [email protected]

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