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hra regatta_chris staley and nick greer
Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Jul. 26, 2015 4 years ago

Halifax Rowing earn top places at home Regatta competition

by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

There were over 360 entries and over 30 rowing clubs that competed in the 19th-annual Halifax Regatta Saturday, July 25, at the Halifax Rowing Boathouse.

Laura Leffler, a parent of two rowers, said the regatta gets better with every year. Well, while the adult Halifax Rowing Association program has consistently placed first in races throughout its history, the Junior program is proving that it’s only getting better with every competition. Here are the results from both the adult and junior programs:

Mixed Masters 8+, 1st; Ashley Smith, Perry Sperber, Dave Koehler, mile Makowski, Nick Greer, Dimund Oppenheimer, Sami Bay, Nikolai Hargreaves and Linda Smith

Men's Masters 2x, 1st; Chris Staley and Nick Greer

Women's Jr. 2x, 3rd: Julia Maxwell and Paige Jagger

Mixed Jr.8+, 3rd; Lilly Copeland, Bret Bay, Alexis Franklin, Sierra Barrow, Cassidy Vescovie, Julia van Cleef, Paige Jagger, Peter Springer and Alex Gruble

Men's Jr. Novice, 3rd: Vince Leffler; 4th-Dylan Domingues

Women's Masters 8+, 4th; Sherrie Spence, Irene Beck, Kim Nilsen, Kim Barker, Pat Hughes, Wanda Lalanne, Lois Butterfield and Ashley Smith

Men's Masters 1x, 3rd; Chris Staley

Mixed Masters 4+, 4th; Perry Sperber, Dave Kuehler, Sandy Lacassa and Wanda Lalanne

Men's Jr. 4x, 4th; Bret Bay, Dylan Lev, Alex Gruble and Peter Springer

Men's Jr. 4+, 3rd; Vince Leffler, Connor Brok, Bret Bay and Peter Springer

Women's Jr. 4+, 4th; Julia Maxwell, Julia van Cleef, Paige Jagger, Alexis Franklin and Lilly Copeland

Women's Masters 4+, 6th; Sherrie Spencer, Leslie Frye, Lois Butterfield, Kim Nilsen and Ashley Smith

Women's Masters 2x, 4th; Sami Bay, Dimund Oppenheimer; 5th-Nikolai Hargreaves and Kim Nilsen

Women’s Jr. 2x, 4th; Emma Domingues and Macy Shivalec

Mixed Parent Child 2x, 2nd; Sami and Bret Bay

Women's Open Novice 4+, 2nd; Emma Dominguez, Macy Shivalec, Ashley Dodd and Sierra barrows

Women’s Master 4x, 3rd; Elizabeth Bell, Linda Smith Sherrie Spencer and Nikolai Hargreaves

Men's Jr. 2x, 2nd; Alex Grubel, Peter Springer; Jackson Morfis and Andrew Filosa

Men's Masters 4+, 2nd; Perry Sperber, Dave Kuehler, Mike Makowski, Nick Greer and Ashley Smith

Mixed Masters 2x, 4th; Linda Smith and Ebel Silva

Men's Open Novice 4+, 2nd place; Andrew Filosa, Sam Bauer, Dylan lev, Jackson Morfis and Julia Maxwell

Men's Open Novice 4+, 3rd place; Vince Leffler, AJ Leffler, Zachary Stapleton, Dylan Domingues and Macy Shivalec.

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