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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Mar. 27, 2018 1 year ago

Hawks tennis sweeps conference championships

Also in the Observer: Hawks' Cooney sets school record in 3,200-meter run; Atlantic's Long takes first in high jump and long jump.
by: Ray Boone Sports Editor

Todd Palmer has coached Spruce Creek tennis for the past 30 seasons. In 23 of those seasons, Palmer and his squad have captured the conference title. After the boys and girls teams battled it out in the Five Star Conference Championship on March 22 at the Florida Tennis Center, Palmer now has No. 24.

The Hawks boys team beat DeLand 22-19, while the girls team, coached by Palmer's daughter, Bailey Palmer, who played at Spruce Creek and graduated in 2012, edged out Flagler Palm Coast 19-18.

"It was emotionally draining, especially on the guys side," Todd Palmer said. "But it was satisfying to see Bailey get her first [conference title]."

In addition, Atlantic's Lindsey Zieglar who took home the No. 1 singles championship, defeating DeLand’s Lizzy Allen, 6-1, 6-4.

Girls Results:

No. 2 singles: Alieva (SC) def. Robinson (AHS)

No. 3 singles: Acierno (FPC) def. Haines (SC) 6-1, 6-4

No. 5 singles: Walters (FPC) def. Nash (SC) 6-4, 5-7, 10-7

No. 1 doubles: Zieglar/Robinson (AHS) def. Kelly/Alieva (SC)

Boys Results:

No. 1 singles: Berenblit (FPC) def. Paschal (SC) 6-3, 6-3

No. 3 singles: Fleishel (D) def. Cronje (SC)

No. 4 singles: Buenner (SC) def. Barbel (FPC) 6-2, 6-0

No. 5 singles: Gaita (SC) def. Alves (FPC) 6-4, 6-2

No. 2 doubles: Buenner/Cronje (SC) def. Fleishel/Menendez (FPC) 1-6, 6-2, 10-6

Hawks' Cooney sets school record in 3,200-meter run

The Spruce Creek boys and girls track teams competed in the UNF Pre-State Invitational on March 24 in Jacksonville. The Hawks’ Camryn Cooney set a school record in the 3,200-meter run.

Girls Results:

  • 4x800-meter relay: Spruce Creek 10:06 (4th)
  • 100-meter hurdles: Dasia Stevens 15.04 (1st)
  • 4x100-meter relay: Spruce Creek 50.51 (7th)
  • 400-meter dash: Paige Cooksey 1:00 (15th)
  • 300-meter hurdles: Julianna Walker 47.89 (9th)
  • 200-meter dash: Jasmyn Dorsey 27.13 (16th)
  • 3,200-meter run: Camryn Cooney 11:00 (1st)
  • 4x400-meter relay: Spruce Creek (3rd)
  • High jump: Madison Kokai 1.47 meters (12th)
  • Discus: Aaliya Battle 28.84 meters (14th)
  • Long jump: Dorsey 5.17 meters (5th)
  • Pole vault: Kalee Thigpen 3.05 meters (10th)

Boys Results:

  • 110-meter hurdles: Nathan Farrell 15.03 (2nd)
  • 100-meter dash: Aaron Walton 11.53 (18th)
  • 300-meter hurdles: Nathan Farrell 39.65 (2nd)
  • 200-meter dash: Aaron Walton 23.54 (17th)
  • 3,200-meter run: Luke Kathman 10:22 (16th)
  • High jump: Kyle Thiel 1.75 meters (14th)
  • Discus: Van Meadows 45.86 meters (3rd)
  • Pole vault: Thomas Smith 3.50 meters (14th)
  • Shot put: Caleb Valentine 12.62 meters (15th)
  • Long jump: Jason McCoy 6.27 meters (9th)
  • Triple jump: Jason McCoy 12.73 meters (4th)

Atlantic's Long takes first in high jump and long jump

Atlantic’s boys and girls track teams competed in the third-annual Bill Stamper Invitational on March 24 in Windermere. The Sharks' David Long took first place in both the high jump and the long jump.

Girls Results:

  • 100-meter hurdles: Catherine Terpstra 21.01 (10th)
  • 300-meter hurdles: Terpstra 59.59 (9th)
  • Discus: Jacia Scarbough 16.64 meters (6th), Tianna Franklin 13.84 meters (9th)
  • Shot put: Scarbough 6.61 meters (9th)

Boys Results:

  • 100-meter dash: Maximus Campbell 11.60 (5th)
  • 200-meter dash: Campbell 22.76 (3rd), Jeffrey Robinson 24.45 (12th)
  • 400-meter dash: Campbell 50.80 (2nd), Robinson 55.92 (11th)
  • 800-meter run: Jaylon Pressley 2:09.76 (5th), Kevante Caldwell 2:12.27 (9th)
  • 1,600-meter run: Darnell Rooplal 4:40.64 (1st), Noah Pennington 5:07.87 (8th)
  • 3,200-meter run: Rooplal 10:16.42 (1st), Pennington 11:40.87 (3rd)
  • 4x400 relay: Atlantic 3:46.80 (4th)
  • High jump: Long 2 meters (1st)
  • Long jump: Long 6.37 meters (1st)
  • Discus: Anthony Fowler 19.81 meters (8th), Ian Minnick 19.24 meters (9th)
  • Shot put: Vernon Hamilton 9.83 meters (6th)

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