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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 1 year ago

Home décor store has old name but new inventory

New owner brings design ideas to the area.
by: Wayne Grant Real Estate Editor

Interiors Marketplace, a home decor store in the Trails Shopping Center, re-opened three weeks ago under new ownership and a new style.

Owner Carla King said customers look around and say, “You’re not from Florida, are you?”

While she does have the “beachy” décor often found in the area, shoppers can find different themes, even what she calls “French shabby chic.” Moving down from Virginia a few years ago, the vibrant and enthusiastic King also brings a touch of the South to the shop.

“I enjoy putting it all together for a customer.”

CARLA KING, Interiors Marketplace owner

Inventory includes décor items, gifts and furniture, as well as plantation shutters, window treatments, upholstery, lighting packages, etc.

“I enjoy putting it all together for a customer … the beauty of it,” she said.

Also, King enjoys upcycling furniture and plans to have classes. She has training in the usage of chalk-style paint, popular for use on old furniture, and transfers, which place a piece of art or design on furniture. She is a stockist for both Cece Caldwell’s Paint and Iron Orchid Designs.

She will also be selling some of her upcycled items.

She points out that her inventory is all-new merchandise, while the previous owner had many estate items.

She likes her location in the shopping center, in a plaza near women’s fashion shops. In fact, that’s how she found the shop and discovered that the previous owner was looking to sell.

“I stumbled upon it,” she said.




King’s last job was systems engineering manager for Northrop Grumman, a defense contractor, in Virginia.  But that was not where her passion lay. She always redesigned and remodeled each house they lived in, and they moved every three or four years.

Living in 10 different homes before moving to Florida, she enjoyed remodeling and decorating the homes. When she was done with a house, she was ready for the next project.

“I think that’s why we moved so often,” she said.

Her father owned a commercial construction company until he retired, and her husband owns a commercial construction company so she has been around the business her whole life.

People always told her she had a knack for design, and when they would put a house up for sale the shopper would sometimes ask who the designer was.

She now has something she’s always wanted, an interior décor boutique where she can work with others on their projects. In addition to a customer’s tastes, she said, décor decisions also depend on how a room will be used. Will be it be formal or a commonly used room, for example.




Her husband’s construction business allows them to live anywhere in the country. They chose this area because they enjoy boating and there are so many opportunities. They live on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Also, her son is into motocross, and the sport is very popular in Florida.

While this is her first time owning her own business, she feels ready for the challenge. Her bachelor’s degree is in business and accounting, and she has always assisted her husband in his business through the years.

But home interiors is her passion. They moved to Florida in 2015, and they are on their second house.

Find the store on Facebook at Interiors Marketplace or call 386-256-4824.




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