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Ormond Beach Observer Saturday, Sep. 9, 2017 1 year ago

Hurricane Irma Update 4

Know what you should do before, during and after the storm.

Volusia County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is at Level 1
(full activation) and will remain activated through the duration of the

Curfew time change, beach conditions, safety, FPL
· The time for the curfew has changed to 9 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 10 to 9 a.m.
Monday, Sept. 11. Police officers will use discretion when they encounter people
traveling during the storm.
· We do not want people in the water or at the beach today and in the
coming days. Beach officials are flying the double-red flag. After the
storm, please wait an announcement that it is safe to visit the beach.
There may be debris in the water and along the shore.
· If you plan to use a generator after a storm, please use it properly.
Do not place it in the house or garage.
· During the storm, do not go outside once the conditions deteriorate.
Wait for word that the storm has passed and it is safe. We expect that
to be midday Monday.
· According to Florida Power & Light, they are anticipating widespread
destruction throughout FP&L’s service area with significant impacts to
the most densely populated areas as a result of Hurricane Irma.
· As of this morning, FPL has more than 16,000 workers from nearly 30
states, including as far away as California, dedicated to planning and
preparing to respond to Hurricane Irma. They will continue to add
resources as they work with their mutual assistance partners.
· They have activated more than 20 staging sites throughout the service
area, where restoration crews, trucks and equipment are being stationed.

· FPL expects 3.4 million customers may lose power as a result of Irma,
and could experience prolonged outages, based on the current forecast.

Citizen Information Center/Information
· Volusia County’s Citizens Information Center is available for
persons with questions about how to prepare for Hurricane Irma.
· The CIC is operating 24/7 until further notice.
· The number to call is 866-345-0345.
· People should download the EM app, follow Emergency Management on
Facebook and Twitter @VCEmergencyInfo.
· Updates are continuous at

Preparedness, evacuation and sheltering
· Implement your action plan. Shelters are open.
· Travel safely to where you are going to go.
· Check on your neighbors, especially those who are elderly or live
alone. Make sure they have what they need. We want everyone safe.
· If you evacuate, please get to your destination by 8 p.m. tonight.
· We do have a mandatory evacuation in effect. This evacuation is for
residents on the beachside, in low-lying areas, and in RVs, mobile and
manufactured homes.
· Residents who stay will not be physically removed. However, once
conditions deteriorate, emergency services will not be provided to those
who fail to evacuate from the beachside.
· Emergency services to low-lying areas may be precluded by lack of

Storm Status
· We are under a Hurricane Warning. We can expect hurricane conditions
within 36 hours.
· The projected conditions continue to change with each forecast.
It’s important to watch each update.
· Conditions will begin to deteriorate Saturday evening.
· Sunday night into Monday morning, we are projected to receive
hurricane force winds.
· Volusia County has an increased threat for tornadoes. Based on the
latest track, we will be in the front, right quadrant of the storm.
· We do not expect conditions to improve until midday Monday.
· Volusia County can expect 8-12 inches of rain; with some areas
receiving 15 inches.

Curfews and Bridges
· A curfew will be in place from 9 p.m. Sunday, Sept, 10 to 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 11. We are
asking everyone to stay inside.
- Deputies will use discretion when they encounter people who are
- Employers are encouraged to let their employees be at home or report
to work by Sunday morning.
- People should not be on the road when we are expecting the hurricane
force winds.

· The bridges will be locked down as conditions deteriorate. Officials
anticipate this to be later Sunday, Sept 10 (the threshold is sustained 39 mph
· Once the storm passes, law enforcement will determine when it is safe
to open the bridges. If there is limited access due to damage from the
storm, beachside residents will need a photo identification and a
utility bill or other document as proof of residency on the beachside.

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