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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, May 9, 2016 4 years ago

I made my mom walk 5 miles for Mother's Day

In honor of all she does, I thought I'd make her do a little work.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

All Mom wanted was a day to spend with her family, uninterrupted.

And boy, she got it. 

Rather than celebrate on the actual holiday, where there would be tons of kids trying to compete with balloons, flowers and Facebook posts, we decided to beat the crowds by celebrating day early. We all met up in Ormond Beach where no real plans were made other than just exploring — that in itself, being the magic and the chaos. 

We attempted to start the day with a quick tour of my apartment, but things took a turn when my dad lost his contact INSIDE HIS EYEBALL while trying to break into my computer (I'm assuming).

Everyone tried to locate the lens and failed. Mom then experimented with the idea of using pointy tweezers to get it out, Dad hid under my covers, and the contact was eventually located and retrieved from the corner in his eye. Somehow he ended up on the floor. 

Then we tried to mellow things out by visiting a big garage sale where my mom tried to convince my brother, Brian, to buy a Publix apron that was for sale and go in for a job interview. I made a joke that he should buy a kid's devil costume for his girlfriend, Cassie, to which he replied "She doesn't need a costume." 

Thankfully she's a good sport and just rolled her eyes and smiled. 

We then ventured over to Frame of Mind for their super hip Outdoor Market, where I bought a bunch of stuff I didn't need and lost my family about four times. Mom, being the adventurous person that she is, wanted to walk to the Granada Bridge. As expected, about halfway up, Brian started inquiring about the nearest bathroom. 

My dad loves learning little historical tidbits, so I pointed out the few things I knew about the city, with some help from our handy dandy Wikipedia page. About a third of the way into my spiel, Brian sweetly informed me that no one was listening. 

Our walking tour of the OB included special spots like the Ormond Memorial Art Museum Gardens, the cool shops at Gaslamp, and every other place on beachside without a public/open bathroom. Hungry and human, we made our way back to the mainland for a late lunch at The Grind. 

While everyone couldn't help but give me a hard time about my tour guide skills — because face it, that's what family does — by the end of the day, everyone wanted to be my neighbor. 

And all though she didn't realize there would be so much walking involved, Mom still reports that getting to spend a full weekend (yep, we hung out with her on Mother's Day too, nominate us for the Best Kids Award) with her family. She really is, the best. 

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