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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 6 years ago

I, pet owner: Meet my gateway into adulthood, a big old bear dog


Take it from me: Nothing will propel you into adulthood like owning a bear dog. 


My abrupt and recent push into adulthood has left me with my very own apartment. But living alone comes a few extra perks, too: No one eats your food; no one complains about your overflowing closet; and no one wakes you up early (well, with the exception of my mom, that is [if you’re reading this, please stop calling before 8 a.m.]).

Still, having your own space can get a little lonely when the TV isn’t blasting with celebrity gossip — especially when your sitting on your own couch, eating your own Cheez-Its and listening to your own silence. It easy to get depressed.

So, instead of marinating in the Kardashians 24/7, I took a more rational approach to get rid of the quiet.

I got a dog.

I made my way to Halifax Humane Society, positive that I would lock eyes with my canine soul mate and the decision of adoption be easy.

Little did I know that the first five dogs I'd fall in love with were already spoken for. Typical. And then there were the few hounds that totally deceived me. Lexus, a sweet-looking little lab mix quietly laid her head in my hands through the cage and promised with her eyes that she would be easily manageable

But the moment I took Lexus out of her cage, that pup bolted. She dragged both my mom and I through the grounds of the humane society in fear that I would lose a dog I haven’t even adopted yet.

After weeks of hopeful searching, I was close to giving up. But something told me to swing by the Flagler Humane Society when I was in Palm Coast for a story meeting. I don’t know if it was an act of God or a green sign with the shelter’s name on it, but I decided to listen.

And I’m glad I did.

It was something in those big, brown eyes, his subtle smile and the way he barked when I almost walked away. Bear, my 3-year-old German Rottweiler, has made himself the perfect addition to my little adult life.

Not only has he taught me how to pick up massive turds in my living room – and the best remedies for cleaning carpet – but he’s also proved to be the most loyal friend.

And I’ve only known him five days.

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