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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Nov. 16, 2015 4 years ago

I'm sorry if I stalked you

An open apology to the "Ghost Busters" car I may have followed a little too closely.
by: Emily Blackwood News Editor

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I had one destination in mind: Riverfest. As I was driving and thanking the universe for presenting me with a job that required I spend the day tasting yummy seafood, I noticed what looked like tall, green pipes, coming from the top of a car a few cars ahead of me. When it turned right onto West Granada Boulevard, I noticed the infamous "Ghost Busters" sign. 

"Change of plans Bear," I said as he was sprawled in the back seat attempting to nap. "We're gonna follow this." 

No matter how much enthusiasm I try to drum up with my rottweiler, he remains unamused (unless it involves already cooked meat). 

Though I would have liked to say I pulled some "Fast and Furious" moves to get behind the "Ghost Busters" car, that would be a lie. As a well-known and recognized bad driver, I stayed within my abilities and patiently followed the vehicle at the speed limit, three cars behind. 

Finally, it dwindled down to just a large, black SUV in between me and what I had hoped to be this week's front-page story. Tailing behind on one of Ormond Beach's busiest streets, the three of us drove past people stopping and pointing. When the "Ghost Busters" car honked, people got excited and waved back. When I attempted the same move, I received weird stares and an aggressive "What do you want girl" from one slightly older, shirtless gentlemen. 

After we crossed the bridge and turned right onto State Road A1A, the "Ghost Busters" car and the black SUV both made a sharp right turn into a residential neighborhood. 

"Yes!" I screamed to Bear, who was now loudly sleeping. "This guy must live in Ormond." 

I attempted to throw my fist in the air, but was quickly reminded that my car does not come with high ceilings. My punch-and-yelp was enough to finally wake my pup up. 

However, the "Ghost Busters" car and the SUV did not stop at a house. Instead, they drove around the neighborhood for a good three minutes, taking random turns here and there and increasing their speed with each directional change. We finally stopped at the entrance back onto A1A, when I noticed the SUV's license plate. In big, bold letters it read something like "United States Government Defensive.." and then they quickly turned. 

Stumped, I began to put the pieces together and realized that the "Ghost Busters" car was probably trying to lose me in that neighborhood AND that I could have quite possibly violated some secret "Ghost Busters" government security. Or maybe the dudes that were driving the car didn't notice Bear in the backseat and thought I was total crazy-pants for talking to myself and trying to beat up the inside of my Toyota Corolla

So, if anyone has any information on the "Ghost Busters" car please email me so I can extend my sincere apologies for scaring them. I wish I could say this was the first time. 

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