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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Mar. 11, 2019 2 years ago

Impact fees won’t stop builders

St. Johns County raises fees
by: Guest Writer

Volusia County Council Chair Ed Kelly says, “there’s nothing else” but raise the county sales tax. That’s a typical political answer to everything. At least Councilman Johnson agrees to discuss impact fees. The rapid growth in our county is the reason for the shortcomings of our infrastructure. Mr. Kelly says “impact fees couldn’t fix 90% of the requested infrastructure requests,” I don’t believe that. And political speak says that if we raise impact fees, builders will build elsewhere, I don’t believe that either. St Johns county has raised their impact fees to cover their growth, and it has not slowed down their growth. An additional one or two thousand dollars thrown on new construction would greatly help the infrastructure projects, while not chasing buyers and builders away. 

Michael Deck

Ormond Beach

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