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cops and joggers OBO_jill and mary mcdonald
Ormond Beach Observer Sunday, Jul. 19, 2015 4 years ago

Joggers on the loose!

by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

When they heard the sirens, joggers attempted to elude the officers in pursuit — and win the race.

Visitors to the area joined Ormond Beach runners at the Daytona Nissan Fun Coast Race Series Cops & Joggers 5K on Saturday, July 18, at the Birthplace of Speed Park in Ormond Beach.

Runners wore two flags, and, during the race, selected police officers either ran with the others, or they were posted at certain points, trying to capture flags. For those who escaped and made it to finish line with at least one flag received shirts that read, “I Out Ran the Cops,” and those whose flags were pulled received shirts that said, “I Ran But Got Caught.” All the proceeds benefited the Ormond Police Department.

“The Ormond Beach Police Department is a community-policing agency, and we like to put on events like this, so they get to know who we are, and we can know they are,” said Officer Jay Brennan. “Together, as a partnership, we’ll be able to fight the crime in the city, together.”

Top local finishers: Ormond Beach’s 16-year-old Nicolas Theriault finished first overall in 20:25; Andrew Weiker, third (1st in division); Ben Magargee, eighth (2nd in division); Harley Feeley, 18th (fourth in division); Fernando Silva, 23rd (1st in division); Alton Ogden, third in division; Nathan Ahrens, fourth (1st in division); Ian Lewis, 42nd (2nd in division); Mohamed Selim, 39th (2nd in division); Scott Jenkins, 48th (3rd in division); Shaun Lipsey, 20th (1st in division); Shane Rivet, 3rd in his division; Rick Miller, 34th (2nd in division).

Women: Felicity Schramm, 59th (2nd in division), Skylar Stolte, 14th (1st in division); Odalis Medina, 56th (4th in division); Kimberly Perry, 11th (1st in division); Daniela Castaneda, 25th (2nd in division); Jessica Marsh, 30th (1st in division); Kim Goss, 3rd in division; Kathy Downes, 3rd in division.

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