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Ormond Beach Observer Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012 6 years ago

Learning my rivalries


I've seen many sports rivalries, but this will be my first Seabreeze vs. Mainland game. 


Being a sports fan has a lot to do with love.

You love your team, and that means despising other teams — the less rationale that hatred, the better. But rivalries come in all shapes. Sometimes, lines are drawn through cities or states or schools.

It’s true, there are healthy rivalries built on mutual respect and a driving passion to best the other. And I’ve been involved with rivalries both as a player and fan, but on Nov. 2, I will step into the middle of an all new rivalry, and as an outsider.

Seabreeze vs. Mainland.

From my time in Ormond Beach I know a few things about this rivalry. It’s one built by geography. And these players, and their fans, are neighbors, friends. And they face off a lot. It’s one of the most interesting kind of rivalries. After all, some of these on-field foes are members even of the same family.

As a journalist, I don’t root for or against specific players or teams, only for good stories. And so far, in this paper, anyway, we’ve only really tapped into the Seabreeze side of that.

But that’s not enough.

I know there are great stories from Ormond residents out of Mainland, and I want to know what they are.

What Mainland stories have I missed?

What players do I need to profile?

Send me an email ([email protected]) or give me a shout on Twitter (@MattMencarini).

And for all of you Father Lopez, Calvary, Riverbend and Spruce Creek players and fans out there: That goes for you, too. Don’t be shy. Get in touch!

At the Observer, our goal is to get every Ormond resident in the paper at least once every year. Impossible, you say? Let’s see.

As I said, I only root for good stories.

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