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Ormond Beach Observer Thursday, Jul. 16, 2015 4 years ago

Let's go bowling

by: Jeff Dawsey Sports Editor

It’s moments like the one Amara Williamson experienced Tuesday, July 14, at Ormond Lanes that make free kids bowling for worth it for owner Fran Todd and his employees.

Late in the afternoon, enjoying the game with her father, Joseph, and younger sister, Amara Williamson used the side rails and threw the ball as hard as she could down the lane. After bouncing down the lane and ricocheting off the rails, the ball finally made it to the pins and knocked each of them down. So excited, she dashed over to her father and jumped into his arms, and they hugged as if they were reuniting for the first time in years.

Joseph Williamson captured the moment with photos and videos, and that will be a memory they will never forget, thanks to Ormond Lanes’ Kids Bowl Free Program.

“The program gives people who may never play the chance to experience the game and to have fun with their families,” said Connie Shockley, the alley’s administrator. “A lot of times, we get ‘I never knew this place was here.’”

The KBFP began on May 1, and it will continue throughout the summer until Aug. 31. Since its beginning, families from surrounding areas have taken up the offer to make a day around bowling, pizza, soda pitchers and arcade games. On a weekly basis, Ormond Lanes welcomes summer camps and other large groups to play. Because of this program, many families have become bowling families, which would have never occurred, unless they were able to receive a large discount to play.

“When the place gets packed, we turn off the regular lights and turn on all of the black lights,” Shockley said. “When they see how the balls glow in the dark, and all the other colors, they just scream. We also turn on the music and let them rock ’n’ roll. Everyone has so much fun, and that’s what we want to happen here at Ormond Lanes.”

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