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Ormond Beach Observer Tuesday, Sep. 1, 2020 4 weeks ago

Letter: Biketoberfest permits should be allowed to allow businesses to plan

Reader states bikers will come regardless, and outdoor events will allow for better social distancing.
by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor:

Permits for Biketoberfest should be allowed with the applicants knowing they may be revoked on very short notice if a public safety threat is an imminent issue. That will allow vendors and local businesses to plan and be extra cautious about their safety practices and implementation of safety policy procedures.

Bikers will be coming to Ormond Beach regardless of permits that allow for outside spaces to be used or not. It would be in the interest of public safety to allow permits for outside, fresh air areas to be utilized to supplement indoor space. More space is allows for better social distancing. This would also allow for Ormond Beach's local economy and workers to benefit as well as help tax revenue that won’t have to come from increasing taxes on residents in the future

Joe Hannoush

Ormond Beach

Editor's note: Joe Hannoush is running as a Libertarian candidate to represent Florida House District 25.

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