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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Jan. 11, 2021 9 months ago

Letter: Clean up after your dogs

Letter writer is disappointed Volusia beaches don't allow dogs; states everyone should be responsible for their pets
by: Guest Writer

Be a good citizen, clean up after your dogs

Dear Editor:

We certainly agree that most pet owners, especially dog owners, are not as responsible for their pets as they should be, but we now own an adorable Pembroke Corgi who loves to run on his leash to catch the salt water ocean bubbles that blow up on the sandy beach. Well, to our sad surprise, on our recent trip to the beach, we saw many signs posted on the beach saying "No Dogs Allowed."

We were taught years ago in England to always carry a plastic piddle bag with paper towels to clean up after our dogs, if necessary. So being good taxpayers and good citizens everywhere we go, we are prepared. Also, since the beach waves usually wash out all things in its way, one could conclude that it stays cleaner than most areas.

Still, one should be responsible for their pets; cleaning up after them is good exercise for everyone, and it's being a good neighbor to all — not forgetting that our state brings a lot of other people from elsewhere who bring pets too. 

If a fine were posted as a lawful state rule, some people would abide by it. Surveillance cameras could be posted too. Of course, not everyone would adhere to it, but, when others are around and seeing the misbehavior, they could quickly jot down the needed information and report it, that way they would be doing a good citizen act for all concerned. 

This may be a lot to ask, but no one enjoys stepping in dog messes, so clean up after them. Be a good citizen.

Even the dog parks, for which one needs to register in order to use them, have similar rules. We love our animals but not everyone does, so be a good citizen everywhere you go so all can enjoy our beaches parks and walkways.

Merri Churchill

Ormond Beach

Letters up to 400 words can be submitted for publication by emailing [email protected]. Editor may edit for clarity and length. 

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