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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, May 24, 2021 2 weeks ago

Letter: On Board of Education's proposal targeting 'indoctrination'

Letter writer states Education Commissioner's Richard Corcoran’s 'constant, vigilant fight' to eliminate indoctrination must include private schools.
by: Guest Writer

On 'indoctrinated' curriculum

Dear Editor:

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander in the State Board of Education’s proposal that targets student “indoctrination.” Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran’s “constant, vigilant fight” to eliminate indoctrination must include private, mostly religious schools that are plagued by a lack of state accountability and oversight of their curriculum despite the fact that billions of taxpayer dollars are paying for student’s tuition through state-funded scholarship schemes.

In fact, these private schools are mostly unregulated and may not adequately report data to the State Board of Education. Therefore, it is conceivable that taxpayers may be paying for an indoctrinated curriculum that is a fabricated version of our American history. If Commissioner Corcoran and Governor DeSantis believe their education proposal targeting “indoctrination” is good for public schools, then it must be good for state-funded private schools. 

Sheila Zinkerman

Ormond Beach 

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