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Ormond Beach Observer Monday, Jan. 28, 2013 6 years ago

Letters 01.31: Gun laws to kitty love


Use your signals

Dear Editor,

I would like to know why there are so many drivers that do not use their directional signal. Any lane change or turn, using common sense, would dictate that you should. Am I wrong?  Many states have laws requiring the use of turn signals. But maybe many of the cars down here do not have them, along with the outdated car ashtray.

Dick Swasey

Ormond by the Sea

Simply: Cats are un-hatable

Dear Editor,

Now Mike, I know you just put that cat-hating piece in the paper to see if you can count how many people read your columns by the responses, but I have to respond. Some of your best promoters (me) are cat lovers — we have three.

We did not go to the cat show. Did not know it was on until too late, and besides, my husband is allergic — he can manage three, but 50-100 just gets him all snuffling like crazy.

All the best — hope you got lots of responses.

Glenda Donoghue

Ormond Beach

Loved the ‘Cat-Nip’ nonsense

Dear Editor,

I enjoy reading your Common Nonsense column. I can't tell if you are being facetious or telling it like it is. Being feline-a-phobic and also allergic to cats, I certainly could relate.  However, I am an almost-Dog Person, meaning I only can deal with dogs of certain breeds. We have a 10-year-old golden retriever and she is about as mellow as they come and more human that some people I know.

Thanks for making me laugh.

Nancy Wise

Ormond Beach

On the web: Facebook rumblings

The following comments were posted to the Ormond Beach Observer’s Facebook page, in response to the following questions or headlines.

“Local (gun) dealers faced with ‘unprecedented demand”

Stan Lee: The second amendment guarantees the rights of citizens to own effective military-grade weapons. This kind of legislation is not based on reality, as assault rifles are almost never used to commit crimes. You cannot effectively conceal them. More people were killed with hammers and hands and feet than assault rifles last year. This legislation is meant to show that politicians care about our safety but all it really does is make sure criminals have more effective weapons than law-abiding citizens.

Did you attend the Cat Fanciers’ Association Cat Show, and how was it?

Pam Atkinson: AWESOME show, and a good turn-out.

Paul Skinner: Taste like chicken....

Real Estate: What’s the best place to live in Ormond Beach?

Will Cate: I don't think there's any one answer to that. Ormond has so many nice neighborhoods — it really depends on things like where you work, what your lifestyle needs are, etc. We live in an older, woodsy neighborhood just off North Beach Street, and we love it. But some folks might instead need to be, for example, closer to I-95.*

*Send your opinions on any of our recent stories, or any issues relevant to Ormond Beach, to [email protected]

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